Remove TD based on content

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I don't think it is possible but am willing to ask to see if it is :)

This is for a PHPBB Forum which tags the posts before the title with NEW, OLD, HOT etc. These are not images but just text.
Each thread is set out as NEW My Thread Title Here

Thanks for any help :)


  • No, that's not possible.
  • Perhaps not with Stylish, but it is possible with on-the-fly HTML rewriters like Proxomitron and Firefox extensions like Grease Monkey.
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    Not based on content, but if you're very, very careful you can remove the td's based on where they are:

    .forumline tr + tr + tr > td:first-child {}

    I'd recommend doing something like changing the background as a test to make sure you're hitting the right one... and there are pages that have different layouts (first page showing all the forums vs inside a forum showing the threads).

    It takes a little bit of finessing, but it's doable.

    For the lazy: if you give me the forum's address I can probably whip one up for you in about a day's time.
    amanda dot kerik at yahoo dot com - make sure to say in the subject area what you're righting about.
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