one element won't change...

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I'm at a loss here
There's a webpage I'm currently building a style for
and for some reason the changes I make on some elements just doesn't apply

the page is in a member's area, so the only thing I can provide is the source code
here it is:
File: Nouveau Document texte (2).txt
Size: 80 KB
Download url: download

ok so now here is the problem:

There are 2 classes of TDs ("frame_bottom" and "block_bottom") and I've added this code for them (added at the very end of the style just in case):
td[class="block_bottom"] {background-color: #23385f !important} td[class="frame_bottom"] {background-color: #23385f !important}

for some reason, it just doesn't apply...


  • well I solved the problem by adding and image (base64 code) of this color

    I guess some other rule (for all TDs for example) was still effecting these TDs
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    you should look through your styles and change stuff like this:
    {background-color: #23385f !important}

    {background-color: #23385f !important}

    td.block_bottom, td.frame_bottom {background-color: #23385f !important;}

    They're classes, so you can do the direct .frame_bottom, and they have the same style applied to them, so group them together.

    Just a suggestion, mind you...
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