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I've been working with a fellow named Gerald to get a version of Stylish for Opera going. His initial effort is pretty good, but I'd like to work out as many kinks as I can before promoting it on this site.

The current version is available here. As this version is not hosted on the Opera extensions site, you will likely need to download it first, then install it from the local file. Try it out and post your thoughts in this thread. The source is also available on GitHub, if you're interested in that kind of thing.


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    Excellent! Works awesome. Tried installing a bunch of styles, enabling, disabling, updating, removing... Everything in order.

    Then checked how the website recognizes it, works perfect. It recognizes when the style has an update available on the style's page, just like Firefox. It recognizes when the style is unavailable (Firefox App styles).

    It installs styles with multiple sections! Yey, no more need for userJS.

    All works as expected. Thank you for porting it to Opera :)>- Oh, and have a happy New Year!
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    Hi, I'm Gerald.
    The latest preview release is available here.
    v1.3 may not work because I didn't figure out that the option string has been appended to the code URL and appended it repeatedly.
  • Opera users can use plain stylesheets out of the box for every website. So there never has been a need for UserJS.
  • I generally find that's true of many things in Opera - you can do many things right out of the box, but not easily or efficiently.
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    @DanMan styles with multiple sections as in unfortunately required userJS, until Stylish came to Opera.

    Opera out of the box only accepts one CSS file per subdomain, which is not necessarily wrong, but is a limitation.
  • Facebook App CSS3 was perfect if chatting with you blew clouds :(
  • how to remove style?
  • how to remove style?
    1. Click Stylish icon and select Manage styles

    2. On Stylish Options page, find the style you want to remove and click Remove button on the style

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  • I clicked on delete do not delete, what to do?
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    Gerald, there is a flaw in Stylish for Opera. As far as I can tell, it will only work if JavaScript is fully enabled.

    Disabling JavaScript globally:
    Stylish for Opera will not style the page, nor will it populate its menu with things like "Manage styles" or "Find styles for this site". Styles can't be manipulated in any way.

    If JavaScript is enabled globally, but disabled for a particular website from Site Preferences:
    Stylish will not style the page, but it will populate its menu with some items (though not all).

    Is there any way you can fix it, or work around it?
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    That's Opera, not Stylish. Extensions are user script, too. If you disable JavaScript globally, you disable all the extension script. popup.html will still load, but neither its inline script nor background.js will run, and the popup won't be populated.

    If you enable Javascript globally but disable it on a specific site, then background.js and the inline script will run, but no extension code will be injected into that site's pages, and the background process won't be able to "see" that tab.

    It's a feature, not a bug. You don't want an extension running while you do your banking (how often do you thoroughly vet an extension before using it, after all?), and it's far more convenient than a safe restart of the browser, as you have to do in Firefox.
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    How unfortunate. Irrelevant whether it's Opera's feature or a bug. Is there any way it can be fixed, or worked around? Gerald?

    Online banking? No, thanks...
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    Online banking? No, thanks...
    Yeah, my grandmother feels the same way. She doesn't understand the technology, and is afraid of hackers.

    No, it can't be "fixed".
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    Might be so, but your mother and grandmother are irrelevant to this problem.

    Question was directed at Gerald. Are you Gerald?
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    how about an update for the Using Stylish page ?
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    Hi. Thanks, valuable effort.

    But then, Does Stylish (Opera) just work as javascript (jscript) language?

    I denote overlapping (overlay) between global and any Site style (enabled, on that website).
    Cannot Regexp lines work here?

    Opera by default (without this extension) and the user manually loading styles* in CSS format, it's capable to display one Global and other Site style, without overlapping. 8->

    * Previously deleting @namespace and @-moz-document lines.
  • Not sure I understand the question. What do you mean by "overlapping"?
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    Hi Jason.

    Sorry. I do mean avoid overlay, overlap, superposition, interference between a Global and Site styles.
  • You could modify the global style to not apply to that site. See the last example in .
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