Stylish 1.3 has many problem?

edited September 2012 in Stylish
I use Stylish ver1.3 for Firefox15. Windows7 HP 64bit.
Today, I have to report that there are some problems.

1) On the Stylish editor, I can't write Japanese character (or maybe 2byte character).
At Comment Line, /* ~ */ , when I write some Japanese and press enter key, lost the comment.

2) When I click stylish icon on statusbar and select "Write new style>white ", style editor is grayout.
This phenomenon happens in rare cases.


  • May I suggest you try a workaround? Look for extensions.stylish.editor in your about:config settings, and change the value to 1. This will bring the old-style editor (that one with the white background), maybe it fixes your problems.
  • I could write Japanese. Thank you!

    And this settings fixes 2.(Maybe)
  • Good to know it worked. FYI, I think issue #1 was a bug in Firefox that was recently fixed in the Nightly builds, but it won't appear in the regular release until Firefox 18. The second bug, I have no idea...
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