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Can't Scroll Down!

About: The Return of Old Gmail OK rating
edited June 2012 in Style Reviews
I have been using this style for the past couple months without any problems. I'm suddenly unable to scroll down. I can't scroll down through my list of "Labels" on the left side of the page, and I can't scroll down to read longer emails. I have even upgraded to the latest version and the problem persists. When I remove your user-style and revert to the new Gmail (which I hate), I am once again able to scroll down. I am using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Any suggestions?


  • Hello there.

    Thanks a lot for using my userstyle and letting me know about the bugs.

    I just have noticed the no-scroll problem and fixed immediately after reading your mail. The problem was caused due to a nominal update from Gmail in it's style entities. You should update the userstyle to get the problem fixed with your Gmail.

  • Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly! Everything seems to be working fine now.
  • I can't scroll down, so perhaps your fix doesn't always work?
  • To be clear: I mean that keyboard based scrolling doesn't work. The mouse scrolls fine.
  • Hi AlanSD!

    The scrolling problem is fixed now, update the style to 3.2.2 and enjoy :)
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