Question: How do I install all components?

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I need your help!
I have installed userChromeJS extention via the link provided.

I am not sure what to do with the Sub-Script/XUL Loader information. It is different than just installing the userChromeJS extension, right?
Also, I don't know how to install complete step 2 (Stop-Reload-Safari4.uc.js script @ Perhaps step 2 would be easier if I could user the Sub-Script/XUL Loader.

When I do all the steps I currently know how to do (step 1 & the userstyle only), I get the modified stop/reload graphic but it is sitting in my toolbar where the buttons used to be, rather than on the far right of the address bar.

I am running FF3.5 on latest OSX. Thanks for you help!


  • I am not sure what to do with the Sub-Script/XUL Loader information.
    after you install (or before) copy "script loader".js to the firefox profile folder&#92chrome
    also stick Stop-Reload-Safari4.uc.js in the chrome folder and restart firefox
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    ChoGGi explained it already but I will show my way anyways.

    There seems to be easy way in version 1.x (I was using from version 0.8 and did not change chrome folder since)

    // All .js or .xul in profile chrome directory userChrome.import("*", "UChrm");
    Copy the above code in userChrome.js in your chrome folder; usually ["YOUR USERNAME"/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/"YOUR PROFILE"/chrome]. Put Stop-Reload-Safari4.uc.js in the same folder and you are done.

    Read READEME.txt from the developer since it contains helpful information.

    Here is my chrome folder looks like.
  • Thanks ChoGGi and Mike. I am up and running.
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