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Old Gmail: scroll doesn't work

About: The Return of Old Gmail OK rating
edited April 2012 in Style Reviews
When using the "Old Gmail" style, scrolling doesn't work, neither with arrow keys or scrollwheel. Although I liked the Old Gmail fix a lot, I've gone back to new Gmail for the moment because I was getting frustrated with the scrolling issue.

Have I done something wrong? Is this a known bug? Any fixes?



  • Most of the other issues mentioned in reviews seem to have been fixed, but keyboard scrolling does seem to be broken when the theme is enabled. (I'm using hosted Gmail, in case it matters.) The scroll-wheel is fine though.
  • Same problem for me. I disable stylish and the up/down arrows, Home and End keys, and scrolling work fine.
  • The same thing is happening for me also. Makes this style unusable for me.
  • +1, the only way for me to scroll is via the scrollbar. It's definitely annoying, but not nearly as annoying as the new Gmail. I'd love to see it fixed, but I'll deal with it for now...
  • I've isolated the scrolling problem to this line in the css:

    .oLaOvc{height:100% !important;}

    If you comment it out (or delete it), scrolling works again.
  • Doing so returns to the old frame-set navigation that is part of why the new gmail sucks. gmail b2b style has some javascript code that makes keyboard scrolling work again.
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