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Stylish is now on GitHub

edited April 2012 in Stylish
Stylish is now posted on GitHub. While Stylish has always been open source, being on GitHub should make things easier for everyone.

If you know of any bugs in Stylish or, please post them on the issue tracker. This should make it much more clear if your issues have been fixed, and if so, when.


  • Is the discussion about those issues supposed to take place here or in the issue itself? If, for example, I have an opinion on Issue #4:Figure out what to do with old reviews, should I voice it there or is it a place more like bugzilla?
  • Post here, I'm more likely to reply to you. Post there, I'm more likely to remember what you said. Take your pick.
  • I don't know anymore where to post what to get some response. I repeat my post here:

    In this thread, we were discussing < > and commas. I had a phrase there:

    "Thanks but that's what i saw yesterday ( < > ). Today however, with this new version, i see commas:" followed by a screenshot. However, the screenshot would show as a link image

    If i delete this ( < > ), i can see the shot embedded in the post. Anything can be done about this?
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