Crash Firefox3.5 with Stylish 1.0.2 and Stylish1.0.3beta.

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Firefox3.5 crashes with Stylish 1.0.2 and Stylish1.0.3beta.
However Firefox 3.5 does not crash with Stylish 0.5.9.

[Step to reproduce]
1. Start Firefox3.5RC with Stylish 1.0.2
2. Create style and save.
@namespace url(;
div {overflow:visible !important;}

[Actual result]
Firefox crashes

No crash


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    Posted By: Alice0775W...[Actual result]
    Firefox crashes...
    And then it goes into a crashing loop 'cause the style is still there on restart.
    Create a new profile to test this, preferably with this style only for easier clean up! ;-)
    (Very funny:not)
  • It has been understood that this behavior is a convinced criminal according to the following comments.

    It is necessary to describe warning in AMO at least.
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