Obsoleting Outdated Styles

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This is a very nice idea in theory but right now it requires the participation of the style author. However, with most of the outdated styles being abandonware there is no process to move them toward obsoletion. This results in the travesty that is this page: http://userstyles.org/styles/site/facebook.com

Can we come up with a community-based solution for the obsoletion of styles that are both abandoned and outdated? By requiring both of those conditions to be met we at least know the owner is interested in maintaining the style even if it is no longer effective at achieving its purpose. The goal would be to increase the signal to noise ratio for popular sites to style.

The process I would propose:
If a user has not logged in for X amount of time expose a link on all of their styles that says "Mark this style obsolete." After Y users have clicked on it the style enters a 7 day grace period where it is pending obsoletion. An email is sent to the account owner asking them to click a link to deny the obsoletion. Clicking that link will mark the style as safe for an additional X amount of time.

This doesn't really tip the scale in terms of power (the style author simply has to show up to defend their style), encourages positive community involvement to ensure a high quality of styles, and helps new users find styles which they will be interested in using.

Thoughts? Critiques?


  • I don't think the time between logins is relevant. Also, I don't have the e-mails for all the authors.
  • It's not really relevant, but I was mostly thinking about making it far easier to defend your styles than it is to have them obsoleted. *shrug*

    Just trying to brainstorm.
  • This forum post is obsoleted by the new design of userstyles.org
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