CSS addition for filter panel

About: Google Web Search - Blue Theme (vC)
edited June 2009 in Style Reviews
The filter options layer is currently not styled and thus not usable. as the panel layers were staked underneath the bodytext.

Quick fix for the blue scheme so you can track results specific to timeframe, content type and other goodies:
#tbd { background-color:#253960 !important; z-index:100; border-bottom:1px solid #fff }


  • Actually, just noted that the correct behavior ought to be that the panel should push content to the right. So this would be the proper fix:

    #tbd { background-color:transparent !important; }
    .tbo #res { margin-left: 10.6em !important; }

    I haven't checked this on other OS so I don't know if the filters were broken on other configuration.
    I am running Firefox 3.0.10 on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

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