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    Let me see if I can re-code what is already there to make it work.
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    since i can't use ATP bar to move window, i thought i'll try it under the navbar but when i change position in the settings, nothing happens. At this point it's stuck in its previous position below menubar. What's up with that?
    PS. I have 55.0.7
  • Sonny,
    did you miss this post?
    makondo said:

    Actually, - i think - there's a problem with AMF: when you click Install (updates), it will reload all tabs!
    I believe it does it also when you enable/disable exts.


  • Sonny,
    there's more about ATP. Flex spaces in the menubar can't be moved unless you show the default Title bar!
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    installed your AMF 55.1.6 and the reloading tabs after every update is fixed.
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    Can you post the "Move Selected Tabs" custombuttons button, the one with the option to choose new window or dialog. I seem to have lost mine. Thanks.
  • You mean this? I posted mine there, just in case.
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    Yeah, that was it! Thanks, forgot where I had put it.
  • image (about moving window using ATP?)
  • Sonny,
    got WF56. Any news on the Editor (Undo, XUL, scratchpads, extra boxes)? And ATP - drag by the ATP titlebar?
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    OK, lets start with this Stylish Editor² 56.0.1:
  • While restarting, i was going to ask you if it might be possible to make ATP .tbItems separate ... buttons? that can be placed anywhere. I was going to move all that stuff to the right. I can, with a css, but it's a lot of unreliable adjustments.
  • The extra boxes are gone ... i think. The rest is still a problem
  • Scratchpad1 restores on restart! Thanks!
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    (1) What do you mean by Scratchpad1 restores? On restart, Scratchpad1 retains it's value and Scratchpad2 clears to an empty field.
    (2) Undo and Redo works for me.
    (3) Remove XUL removes all entries of xul: and moves cursor to the top. Works for me.

    Perhaps try re-installing Stylish² and Stylish Custom² versions 56.0.1 from my site then restart.
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    Yes, Scratchpads didn't work, they do now.

    XUL jumps to the top, apparently by design. I guess i will have to get used to it but i'd prefer it stays at the caret.

    Undo doesn't work.Try commenting something and then click Undo - nothing happens.
  • srazzano,
    are you sure you didn't messup files? Looks like Stylish Editor loads Stylish file.
  • Waterfox
    For undoing Comment Text and Comment Group, highlight the commented text and click the Comment Text button again to uncomment, and same with the Comment Group button or click Undo All.
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    That's what i've been doing since it broke. It's inconvenient. When you click Preview, you loose the highlight. I use Comment/Preview/Undo very, very often (especially when looking for a problem). So, you're saying it will not be fixed?

    How about those files ^? They seem to be the same (in size and name anyway).
  • Yes, it seems that the 2 XPI , Stylish2 and Stylish Editor 2 (vesion 56) are identical:
    It miss The good Stylish Editor 2....
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  • Thanks!
    So, the Undo isn't going to be fixed? That's really too bad.
    What about a button to convert slashes? Possible?
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    The 2 other probs i have:
    1. moving window with ATP title bar
    2. AMF: all tabs reload every time you update an addon. This one is REALLY bad.
    Check for updates, click Updates available, click Update ... Poof! all tabs reload!!...

    Oh, and about XUL - possible to keep caret in place after clicking the button and NOT jump to the start?
  • Waterfox
    Convert slashes to what? Forward slashes to backslashes? Remove XUL caret remains in places updated.
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    No, backwards, backslashes to slashes since Stylish doesn't recognize system backslashes

    Thanks for the XUL!
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    Convert Slashes added, FWIW, Undo works in CodeMirror editor format.
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    NM, found it, thank you!
    Looks like you don't even have to have it on a toolbar, right?
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