• Style Backup was not added to AMF because the Stylish Custom toolbar button has that function in the dropdown menu as Export Styles menuitem.
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  • Yes, see my edit on the previous page:
    " ... EDIT: NM, it's in the Stylish button menu ... haven't i been through this before? I can't remember where this function is! ... guess need to use more often. "
  • Sonny, what's the icon in Bookmarks menu? Since i moved the files from another profile, all (unvisited) bookmarks in the menu now have the same icon and my old style doesn't work.
  • I have no idea, but can you post a pic so I can see.
  • Bookmarks menu from menu bar Bookmarks button
  • Sonny, how come there's no Clear field button in the AMF searchbar?
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    CB forum is down but maybe you can help me here. I have a toggle Personal bar button with this simple code:

    /*Code*/blah blah

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    Yes, replace entire button initialization code with this. Notice in const toolbar = "PersonalToolbar"; you can add other toolbar id's to toggle as well. Just comma separate with no spaces: Example "PersonalToolbar,TabsToolbar";
    "use strict";

    // *** nav-bar, PersonalToolbar, TabsToolbar or insert other toolbar(s) id to toggle, comma separated no spaces.
    const toolbar = "PersonalToolbar";

    pref.root = "extensions.custombuttons.";
    pref.defaults = { Toggle_Toolbar: false }

    for (let key in pref.defaults) {
    if (pref.defaults.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
    let val = pref.defaults[key];
    Services.prefs.getDefaultBranch(pref.root).setBoolPref(key, val);
    } }

    function pref(key) {
    let {branch, defaults} = pref;
    if (branch == null) branch = Services.prefs.getBranch(pref.root);
    switch (typeof defaults[key]) { case "boolean": return branch.getBoolPref(key) }
    return null;

    this.tooltipText = this.label + " \n \u2022 " + toolbar.replace(/,/g, " \n \u2022 ");

    this.onclick = function(e) {
    if (e.button === 0) {
    let bool = pref("Toggle_Toolbar") !== true ? true : false;
    Services.prefs.getBranch(pref.root).setBoolPref("Toggle_Toolbar", bool);
    for (let i in toggle) {
    let tb = document.getElementById(toggle[i]);
    if ( === continue;
    setToolbarVisibility(tb, tb.collapsed = !bool);
    } } }

    let toggle = toolbar.replace(/\s+/g, "").split(",");

    for (let i in toggle) {
    let tb = document.getElementById(toggle[i]);
    if ( === continue;
    setToolbarVisibility(tb, tb.collapsed = !pref("Toggle_Toolbar"));
  • AWESOME! image
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    Well, great ... now i've lost the Clear field button that used to be just left of the browser search bar! Where did this one go?!,, and where was it from anyway? Unfortunately, i didn't save the previous version of the Clear Field script, wander if that's the problem but can't test!

    In fact, i don't see one in the AMF search box either .... i think it was there before ...
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    Here is my current Clear Field script from my site, on my CB profile page. Never had one for AMF, but can be arranged. The clear field button for the browser search box comes from my Additional Toolbars Plus add-on, but I believe you use the lite version and pretty sure it is not in that version.
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    Yes, I use Customize pallete 1.0.4, ATP has too much (icons, bars i don't need, etc. I think it also messes u my title/menu bars. I can try it again and see if i can use it.

    EDIT: OK, i tried, i can't use it. I sort my navbar to be the first (from content), then tabbar and then menubar at the top, and i don't use Title bar. I also change the window icons to my own.
    What i have now is navbar, menubar, tabbar and no my window buttons at all. Doesn't it have options? I thought i was able to sort bars somewhere ...
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    OK. I was using Custom Toolbars Plus 52.4.2 and it was working all right. Now i can't install it, says incompatible. What do i need to do to install it? I have: extensions.strictCompatibility = false. Is there something else?

    Is there any chance you can combine statusbar, vertical bar, flexspace and searchbar Clear button in one ext.? That's all i really need it for.
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    Found ATP options, it was under my Tools menu! ... why? It doesn't Show Options button in AM? Weird.
    How do you set toolbars positions? I don't get it. What does it mean 'Toolbar Position'? Which toolbar? I needthis order from the top:
    What do i need to do to achieve this?

    EDIT: NM, fixed with a css.
  • OK, as usual, i seem to have fixed everything. Still don't like that i have to have the APT title bar open to be able to see/change my window icons but i guess i can get used to it ... someday.
  • Hehe, i just discovered that i can move my statusbar buttons to the title bar! and get rid of the statusbar. Great!
    So, NM all the whining above imageThanks!
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    Having problem with buttons size in apt and vertical, they all are different sizes, what's up with that?
    Also, i put some buttons in the apt bar but as the time changes (second counter), so does the display and those buttons keep flickering 1px or so left-right. Pretty annoying.
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    .So, tried a clean profile, apt text doesn't move. I wonder ... has to do with font? I changed the font, what's the default font you have there? Can you separate the text from the rest so it stays put no matter what font you choose?
    Also, is it possible to make the toolbar act as the rest of toolbars - click and drag the window? I keep forgetting that it's dead and you can't drag window if you click in the apt bar.

    EDIT: tried Arial and it works all right. So, it has to do with font. Try Sitka Text and you'll see how buttons move as the seconds counter changes.
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    Do you mean ATP? And yes, it shifts because those are label elements and adjusts with content. Will have to change them to textboxes with fixed width.
  • Well, i'm using Book Antiqua now and it's all right. I don't think i'll be changing font often enough to worry about it, especially now when i figured out what's going on.
    And yes, i mean ATP for dragging window.
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    Do you have a copy of my old AMF xpi that had the Styles Backup function in it? I need to extract some code from it, which I am too lazy to re-construct from scratch. Thanks.
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    I have some problems with Stylish Editor²..
    Moved to Stylish Editor²

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    decembre, read here.

    here, 52.0.8. Let me know if the link works. Not sure if that's what you need but that's all i have.

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    Yes, the link worked fine. Thank you very much. Was beating my head up against the wall trying to duplicate the function!
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    Good, i found other versions, 0.3 and 0.2.
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    Sonny, do you know what's the ID for the url that shows on link hover? I have a style which places it in the the center of the statusbar but since i'm not using the statusbar now 'cause of the ATP, i need to give that links some bg to be able to see it. I used #browser .statuspanel-label in my style and i can change the color but not give any bg to it.

    NM! ... as usual image

    #browser statuspanel
  • Sonny,
    found a HUGE problem with ATP: open 2 windows, try to close one using ATP window buttons (minimize/maximize/close). It will close the whole WF instance, that is both windows instead of just one where you actually clicked the button!
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    Actually, - i think - there's a problem with AMF: when you click Install (updates), it will reload all tabs!
    I believe it does it also when you enable/disable exts.

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    I believe you requested this awhile back, but just now got a chance to implement it. Added two tabs to the Custom Buttons editor (CSS and Notes). Left the Help tab in place for your current buttons that may be using it, but my buttons and updates from here on out will utilize the CSS tab for css, Help tab for HTML or whatever, and button descriptions will go into Notes tab: so anyone else that will be downloading and new buttons from me will need this version of Custom Buttons3 55.0.7 Especially useful for devs by giving more flexibly for multiple code formats. Also, there is a search bar coded in the CB Editor, but hidden because it doesn't function with the editors layout.
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    OK, thanks! How do i get the searchbar in the editor? I wander, is it possible to add it to the css tab (isn't it a textbox?). This way we could copy ini code, paste in the css, use the searchbar there, etc. Pretty much what i'm doing now by pasting in external or a stylish editor.
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