• OK, found one where this doesn't work:
    The icon is still inside the search box and on top of the first 2 letters. Apparently my margin-top doesn't work everywhere either.
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    Give this one a go: Clear Field Version 1.0.3
    Don't believe you will need any of your css. Used your image with filter. At top of script, you can change your image size with var iconSize = 20; (default is 20px without the "px") and the padding between image and input field text with var elemPadding = 4; (default is 4px without the "px"). If you come across other sites where the image is off, let me know, so I can find similar attributes and make it global, instead of coding for each site separately. Also raised the image a little higher up on the left border (easily adjustable), in the event you need to mouse under it to get to the first character in the input field.
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    Hmm .... CB forum:

    No, it's not my style (in case you wonder), here's the page w/out my style:
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    What is the url of that page? And for some reason, I do not display the searchbox in my header, as shown in your pic. Checking on it.
  • That's the forum index page. But it gets even better if you go to a thread! There are 2 search boxes.
    Check this out.
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    Let me get the header searchbox. Had it hidden with an obscure code I had.
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    OK, fixed the header searchbox image position (link updated), but I do not see 2 searchboxes from your link. Exactly where is the second one at?
  • One is on the left side of the page (Search topic):

    And one is at the top right, next to the 'Advanced search' link:
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  • OK, somehow the Topic search icon 'jumped' in place ... (that's the first pic, the box is on the left side of the page, looks weird on my pic but now it's in the right place ... image
    But the second box (right side), is still way off the box. #search > FIELDSET > #keywords (or
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    This. One is the search box and the other is the search Go button.
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    The same with this.
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    Try downloading anew. Updated link.
  • I know about buttons and boxes. Look where your icon is on my pics.
  • OK, the last version fixed it all, the Clear icon is inside boxes, it's fine, they're big enough.
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    Updated link a few minutes ago. I assume the Dropbox updates immediately, but you know how assumptions go. See my pics.
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    The only images I put inside the searchboxes, are the searchboxes that have the magnifying glasses in them. Wanted to cover them up since they have no function. Also can specify icon size in the script with var iconSize = 19. The 19 being in pixels, but insert integer only.
  • I'm good, thank you! Any thoughts about YouTube+ (see my PM on CB forum)?
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    YouTube+ seems to check out ok. I do know some flaky stuff happens on greasyfork, between some dev's/users, where a lot of trash talking goes on, to the point at which the script ends up being trashed for revenge. Seems the case here.
  • Oh, thanks! I appreciate your time, there's nothing like it for me and i'm really happy to hear that.
  • Sonny,
    just noticed something. Click the Bookmarks menu (the default one, in the menu bar) and try to delete some bookmark from the dropdown menu. It can't be deleted! When did this started?!? image
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    Works for me. Menu toolbar > Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar > right-click on bookmark and delete.
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    If interested, I enhanced my Clear Field script to Clear Field⁴, so images are within all search boxes (not straggling the left borders). Each image will auto scale itself to the height of the search box. Size the icon in the search box by setting iconPadding (default is 1). Extends the width of the search boxes, by the width of the inserted image, as to maintain original width of search box input field. Set elemPadding for desired padding between icon and input field text (default is 4). Default value for iconSizeSB is 32, set to lower value if smaller icon is desired for search boxes larger than a height of 33px. Textarea icon size is independently set with iconSizeTA (default is 19).
  • Interesting. On this page, the icon in the searchbox in the upper right corner appears twice larger than the icon in this reply textbox. It's OK, just noting. Thanks for the update!
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    Yeah, all icons auto scale to the height of the search box, that is, higher the search box, larger the icon, but all icons will have the same padding and the icon in textarea is independently set to one size (19 by default). If search box higher that 33px, you will see a 32px icon (i.e. DuckDuckGo), with default setting of 32. Those settings are user set in the script according to what you want.
  • Thanks. How about Drag Link? Do you have that one? I can link you to my dropbox (dated 2012, still working fine)
  • Sonny,
    i get loads of errors 'line 132'.
  • Worse. Now there' also 148:5
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    Can you post a screenie of the errors. I have none.
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