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  • OK, the DL ext. - some links open in the same tab when i click links. I believe it's very sensitive. That is, i have to be perfectly still, aim and click links or else it will be interpreted as a drag. Maybe spacing? Like drag 6-10px off to open in the same tab?
  • Spacing would require a bunch more code. I will try to add a delay instead.
  • OK, makondo, the easiest way is middle mouse button down and drag or right mouse button down and drag. Your call.
  • Set drag on middle button as not to screw with context popup menu.
  • Well, i don't need drag on M button 'cause i can simply click the Mbutton to open links in the same tab Hehe The whole idea behind dragging was to avoid using Mbutton as it's uncomfortable for me. Tab utilities has an option Rclick works as Mclick, i tried it and didn't like it either 'cause of the menu issue.
    I guess i'll stick with the original then (Lbutton drag).
    I have a problem with TMP opening some links in the same tab with tabs locked. It's mainly img links. I wonder if another ext. is playing a role in all this. Will have to find time to investigate further (which i've done a couple of time already and have never found what causes this but it very well could be the combo that interferes with ext. as well).
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    See if this helps. It still is on left mouse button but added a 1500 ms delay.
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    Thanks, testing it now. I think it might be a bit too slow but then my Fx12 is kind of slow lately. Let me try it another day.
    But thanks anyway!

    BTW, my TMP problem with opening links in the same tab has been 'miraculously' fixed ... i will never figure this one out but it looks like it might have been some leftover in about:config from an ext. i removed. If not that ... than i will have to believe in miracles.
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    Added Option Dialog (access from addon manager). Modify the delay time (in milliseconds, example: 1000 = 1 second, 500 = half a second, etc...) to best suit your needs. No need to restart after modifying.
  • Brilliant! Thanks a lot!
  • srazzano,
    it appears your addons manager ext. does something to the get addons category 'cause when it's enabled, i see this when clicking on that category:
    661 x 216 - 190K
  • This get addons? Are you on Fx 11.0?
    999 x 405 - 289K
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    NM, I see it. Will check it out.
  • edited March 2012
    OK, it's only good for Fx 11.0 release and below. Not for the betas. The betas are screwy at this point.
  • I see. I think i remember reading something in the nightlies thread about changing/eliminating it all together or something like that but i don't remember what it was. Yes, i use Fx12b.
  • Yeah, I got it fixed now for betas but next update, who knows. That is the reason I have no use for designing betas.
  • Oh, great, thanks! But i didn't mean to give you a headache, was just wondering.
  • edited March 2012
    No problem! Will probably wait for another update or two and then go through and fix everything again.
  • Everything is fine (here). I'd wait till ... 13b 'cause i think they do plan to fiddle with that category.
  • srazzano,
    i don't remember now but i'm pretty sure i did ask about this already: ability to copy in addons manager. Would it be possible for you to add this ability somewhere, in either view, i don't really care as long as i can highlight an ext. name (and version) and copy it?
  • edited March 2012
    Do you mean something like this? Added a menu item in the tools drop down menu to generate a list of all your addons and you can check the box to edit the list, then copy to clipboard or to a text file. I created that function in one of my other addon manager but could implement it in the one you are using.
    635 x 458 - 139K
  • Oh, that would be good! Is my version of AM on your site? I mean i have it on my hd, just wonder if you have it on your site as well.
  • Version 9.9? Yes, I do.
  • You gave me another idea. Will edit the script to generate the list for the current view (addon-ons, plugins, themes, scripts, etc...)
  • Oh, great! I guess i'm good for something wink
    I have to go for now, see you tomorrow. Thank you very much!
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    I'm thinking ... can i change 'Appearance' to Themes' and have it sorted alphabetically (which will put them after plugins)? Can i do this with css?


    { font-size: 0 !important;
    color: transparent !important; }

    { content: "Themes" !important;
    font-size: 13px !important;
    color: #bbb !important;
    text-shadow: 1px 2px 1px black !important; }

    {-moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important; }

    However! ^ this moves it to the end, as the last category and no number changes have any effect. That is: 1 - top, 2-6 - bottom. I guess i'll have it at the bottom (i don't use any themes). Odd.

  • Here is the list generator
    Will fix the xpi for your request above and will post as addonmanagerfix993.xpi when completed.
    Will ping you when ready.
  • edited March 2012
    As for now, the list generator only does addons. Working on the other categories.
    Menuitem "Generate Addon List" is in the tools util drop down menu (the gear icon).
  • edited March 2012
    Revised v993 to v994 and added option in List Generator for including/excluding addon id's
  • edited March 2012
    Awesome! Thanks a lot! I wonder why the list takes on my buttons style when in Edit mode ... It appears to be a textbox but the font has the shadow i use for buttons! Odd. I have it styled already, just wonder.

    Just saw the above. I don't think you need it. Who wouldn't want the ID?!
    This is half way through the Local Install, remember? BTW, i did ask Mel the same thing then, and last updated date, too. I remember people were actually arguing with me if it's needed. Huh? I had to explain the scenario when exts. update and there's a problem and i need to know which exts. were updated recently to help with finding a culprit. Geeze! I thought it was obviously useful.
    You keep going, srazzano, maybe one day it will become 'LI Resurrected!' (as rob64rock would say).

    Anyway, i'm totally happy, thank you! Thankyou!
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