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Are you all right?
People, don't know if you noticed, but our Sonny has disappeared for a while now. I wonder if he's all right. PM'ed but didn't hear back yet. Did he get PO and left the site? Hope he and his are all right.
Sonny, take care, you hear!


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    This is a test for testing purposes
    and a test only for that purpose, which
    is on purpose for testing.

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    Geeze, man! I was about to send cops there to check on you! Glad you're OK, really. It sounds like you're better than just OK, good for you!

    And now back to our program in progress ...

    Addons manager fix is broken with Fx9bwhatever. I have it disabled. The same thing as was with some other previous version - gets stuck on Loading... and you have to click on a category to get out of it. I tried version bump, didn't help. If you'll ever find time to fix it, would be nice, TIA!
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    just updated your AM ext. and it broke my style! Could you make using your theme an option, please?
    It all started so nice - i just wanted the info, like count, sorting and updated date. Now it's a mess again. The thing is, not everybody who uses my style uses your ext. ... I just don't know what to do anymore.

    EDIT: i'm writing a separate style just for your ext.
    What happened to categories tabs?! I really prefer them on the left as by default.
  • I posted the Addon Manager Fix as and extension on AMO and had to make changes to satisfy their requirements. I will try to put the original into an userscript to satisfy your theme.
  • OK, it's impossible w/out a js, i gather.
    So, could you please make a script that would simply return everything to the way it was before the last update? All i personally want is sorters, count, last updated (i think this one is there by default now). Possible? TIA!
  • Oh, posted at the same time, sorry. Yes, that would be just great, thanks a lot. and, as usual, no hurry.
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    Great, thanks, i saved it to my hd this time
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    Wait! There was another update on 12/29 - it's named addonmanagerfix8. Now, that's the one that is really good and that's what i've been using prior to today's update. Apparently, i have that one saved locally ... Just so you know, in case you forgot (that' the one with the searhbar transition, etc.)
  • srazzano, would it be possible for you to make the 'addonmanagerfix8' a script and upload it to uso? I now get the Update available in the AM every time i check for updates (and i also have to uncheck it to install other updates when available).
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    Delete the Addon Manager and install this one:
    Changed the id so it will not updated.
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    Downloads fine here.
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  • It did now, i restarted Fx. Thanks!
  • @rob64rock,
    status4evar addon updated so I reinserted the bookmark star left:
  • @rob64rock,
    status4evar addon updated so I reinserted the bookmark star left:
    The latest LeftSideStar extension version 1.3.1 works well with no problems with the latest S4E on latest Nightly 12.0a1, but thanks for the update on your S4E-mod at least if something breaks again I'll know it's there if I need to use it.
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    Personally, I prefer <100 bytes of data over an extension (less resources used), IMHO.
  • srazzano,

    i remember you said sometime ago that you use your own tabbing ext. I'm looking for TMP replacement. Does your ext. do this:

    1. multi-row (number of rows is not important to me but customizable limit to show, like 5, would be nice)
    2. open all links in new background tabs at the far right
    3. drag a link (anywhere) to open in the same tab
    4. rename tab
    5. reload every .... - customizable from a tab menu (that is set for each tab individually with an option enable/disable for all tabs)
    5. reload left/right tabs
    6. close left/right tabs
    7. duplicate tab (i think this exists in Fx by default though)

    I think this is it.
  • Sonny, are you around?
    Found a little bug in Addons manager Fix (my version from post 12 above):
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  • Not sure what you are looking at.
  • Hey!
    Well, that's the searchbar which expands on hover. It's fine when it's empty but if you type something in there and mouse out, the bar shrinks but the text doesn't - that's what the shot is about (that whitish box on the left is the shrank searchbar.
  • OK, I do not experience that issue. I will try to duplicate the problem (if I can) and work out a fix.
  • OK, try this:
    #header-search .textbox-input {display: none !important;}
    #header-search:hover .textbox-input {display: -moz-box !important;}
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    Yeah, thanks. The problem is, the box needs to be in focus to see if anything is in there.
    Plus, it breaks the bar for those who don't use your ext. So, it's not really a fix Doh

    OK, just this seems to work in both cases:
    #header-search .textbox-input {display: -moz-box !important;}

    Interestingly enough, there's some white font shadow (i don't think it's from my styles) and when the box is not empty, it has a slight whitish glow ... which is actually pretty nice 'cause it let's you know the box is not empty!
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  • No, it doesn't work. If you move mouse away the text stays in there til you click somewhere else. Anyway i can disable this transition and have the plain bar back?
  • What do you mean by "Plus, it breaks the bar for those who don't use your ext."? If you mean the bar height shrinks, add height:22px or whatever height is need to #header-search. No text-shadow or box-shadow in the css for the search box.
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    I don't know how to explain this. It 'works' (or rather - it breaks) differently with and w/out the extension +/- your code above. So, it's 4 diff. cases and it will take me a whole day to explain, maybe tomorrow.
    But what i really would like is just to have the plain Fx search box, without the expanding transition.
    No problem with height or shadows.

    OK, the code above breaks the bar when ext. is disabled - text shows on hover/focus only - it shouldn't.
    When ext. is enabled, i still have to click somewhere else for the text to hide even though the bar shrinks (the first shot above).

    If you don't see the issue, it's probably because you have it worked out somehow in later versions which i don't use.
    So, is there a way i can disable the transition with css?
  • #header-search {-moz-transition: none !important;}
    #header-search:not(:hover) {width: 200px !important;}
    #header-search .textbox-input {color: #000 !important;}
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