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Facebook Dark-N-Grey 4.0 -
yesterday i started using this style and it's a really gr8 style
today i was searching facebook for problems/bugs, and came across with several major and minor problems that need to be fixed/tweaked

at the top of on the homepage, i found this blue bar next to the login button|on the login page, the round corners need transparency under it & the sign up button looks ugly with this style (a redesign change might require). this alert button looks ugly. | the developer page still needs to be fixed (top bar is default blue).
when i hover the mouse on the facebook logo, i see this , looks lyk it's not transparent.
this style also customizes the facebook apps, and it's really not good. one of the app i use is mafia wars and i came across with several problem ( lyk hover text,button backgound gone,buttons are missssing...) | this is one the examples of the problems.
the wall is too small for updates & news- | (after hovering on hide button)
after login, the facebook logo seems to have some little border around it | (after hovering on the logo)
friends page problem:
default buttons looks bad-
the cancel button needs a tweak-
profile page problem: (totally white) (little blue border around it) (as u can see, one of the app's half of it's name is gone, the background is all white)
notification page problem: (i found this really big white section under the compose message button on the notification page, other pages r ok thu) (down the notification page, the notification settings section's background is total white)

that's all i found today


  • hope, there gonna a update soon ^_^
  • thanks for all your input. i have fixed or am fixing most of these right now and updating the style as i go. i cant really fix any errors that may occur with apps due to the fact i dislike apps and refuse to use any :) sorry.

    are you using any other facebook styles because i have yet to have an overflow problems like you have here:

    "the wall is too small for updates & news- | (after hovering on hide button)"

    again, thanks for your help and i'll be updating as i fix.
  • thanks for the update and no, i'm only using this style for facebook no other style.....
  • can u edit the page so the face apps won't look odd and the app can be viewed by it's individual style~
    (like only the top menu and background is dark, and the other styles are disabled on that page so it can be corresponding with this style)
  • OK I'll admit I'm a little colorblind, as are most men...... Unlike most men or people period I will be the first to admit this. I do not care to not only look ignorant I truly do not care to confirm that question without resolve!
    NOW that we have that out of the way, BLUE & GREY, on the color wheel of life, make BLACK. My question is until this problem is corrected,and I'm sure it will be, how do I remove this app/ Facebook Dark-N-Grey 4.0/ from my computer till a later date?
    Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter,

    God Bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
  • Sorry I forgot, because of the black color, some portions of the pages are obscured.
    Thanks again,
  • If you are using stylish, go into firefox's addons--> click on the stylish icon--> click on this style "facebook dark-n-grey 4.0"--> choose disable or uninstall. no more style!
  • RhinoDoc, Hey thanks for all the tweaks and repairs, Looking Good.
    If we all communicate a little better things just seem to work out, HMMM imagine that HA!!! A little goes a long way. 'Doc'
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