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Please, no styling help requests here! Keep it clean and post only links to sites you find to be useful for styling.
Let's keep it clean and helpful, people!

In later Fx (let's say 20+), you can use Tools/Web Developer items (like Inspector, etc.)

Start here: DOMi on AMO, a must have! More info about it and how to use it.

A great companion to use with it is the Attributes Inspector custom button by Infocatcher. 'All in one' way to find any IDs, including menus and those disappearing on click popups, etc. The best thing after sliced bread!
To use it, you need to install Custom Buttons ext. , Then go back to the button thread on CB forum and click Install link. It's also helpful for those menus and windows that disappear on mouseout.
(After that, go back to the forum 'Buttons made by forum users' and install buttons many of which replace exts.. There are hundreds of very useful Cbuttons. Have fun!).

For beginners: - #1 help, as it says - the 'css school' - loads of links, #2 help!

In case we forget about visited links:

Way over my head but for the smart ones and for when i'll grow up > @media:

A simple site from WebDesignGroup: has a forum too:

Easy one:


Inspect This - adds a context menu item
Inspect Context - adds a context menu item
InspectorWidget - does the same + a button

Other exts. people use:
Firebug (may cause significant browser slowness, keep it disabled until needed)
Shadia the light inspector


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