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Reported attack site - red bar

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How can I remove the red bar that shows up in "Reported attack site"? The red bar appears *after* you click 'Ignore this warning'.


All user links at TPB results in the Reported attack site warning.


  • Why would you want to remove this warning?
  • Disable phishing site detection in your preferences. Re-enable it whenever you feel like allowing Google to track all your movements on the web and/or they've fixed their filter again.
  • Updates

    Wouldn't you know it - it seems that just hours after I posted - google finally removed users at TPB from their list. I *still* would like to know how to remove the red bar through.

    For obvious security reasons I won't be posting a link that brings up the warning.

    >> Why would you want to remove this warning?

    Knowledge. I want to learn how. Adblock plus, Firebug, DOMi - fail to select it. I wanted to learn how to select it - and how to block it.

    >> Disable phishing site detection in your preferences.

    I don't want to disable the protection. I just wanted to learn how give it some fine grained control. I still do.
  • Ah, okay. I thought you were after the end rather than specific means. I don't have a way of popping it up in the first place, but I might be able to come close with NoScript or Perspectives warnings-- after I get some sleep. :D
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