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Hi Mike, love your style, makes Google Reader on my mac a more comfortable experience. The only issue I have encountered is at the top right search bar that has no gap with the four buttons - looks great on Firefox though so it must be a Webkit specific problem ( Also I would really appreciate if you could code in the optional offline button (top right green button - that shows if you have google gears installed, as I rely heavily on offline mode for my trips ;-)
Thanks again, love your work


  • Hello, sigalakos.

    I'm glad you like my style. I think the issue you have is not webkit problem since it works fine with Fluid on my computer.

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    It should be a problem due to the Google Gears. I cannot fix the problem immediately but I am looking forward to do so soon. So please wait for update.
  • Yeah, you must be right, hadn't thought of that. Thanks for your prompt response!
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    Hello again.

    I made quick fix to the code which shows the offline button for Google Gear. I just made it appear so it doesn't fit and looks bad. I just drop a script right here anyways if you really need one.

    Here is the script for Fluid or for Greasemonkey/Greasekit.

    I will make this prettier and fit more with the style some time later. So bear with me and use this script for now.

    EDITED: script is outdated
  • I had the same issue and your updated script did fix it in a non-ideal way... but it's better than it was. Thank you!
  • Finally, style is updated!! I actually made it a separate style since that seems to be the best way.

    Use following two styles to fully work. I redesigned toolbar icons so please update the original also.
    Google Reader: Mac OS X Snow Leopard
    Google Reader: Mac OS X Snow Leopard+ Offline

    I checked only with Firefox so please let me know if it works as intended on Fluid.

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