• could you post an example of a name?
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    And you're right. It works if it's not a number.
  • numbers work it's that / (invalid char for filenames)
    export will clean up the filename, but i didn't think about checking the xml name
  • Stylish-Custom-0.6.0.xpi
    you can't use invalid chars for the xml filename anymore
    the dialog had the wrong title
    added insert text menuitem
    you can change the font colour for the edit area
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    Thanks! Thank you!
    How do we edit the color? Segoe UI:13px:red doesn't seem to do anything (color wise).
  • Have to bump ^
  • Segoe UI:13px:red seems to work here, any warnings/errors in the console?
    you need to close then re-open a style dialog for it
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    No, no errors. Disabled my style for Stylish (which includes the editor) and textboxes, just in case.. Fx has been restarted not once. Doesn't work.
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    i just installed 3.6.b1 and it appears i can't get the new findbar working. It's checked in the options but the old one shows instead. And! I've lost my Rainbowpicker (installed and bumped with MR Tech toolkit). Any ideas? TIA!
  • Stylish-Custom-0.6.1.xpi
    the menuitem for rainbow colorpicker wasn't showing up on ff 3.6b1
    added a tab to choose how tags toggle styles
    when right-clicking the style menuitems you can choose between showing the menu and editing it
    added some tooltips
    misc changes
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    Thanks for the update! The Rainbow is back!
    But the findbar is still the old one.
    And! external editor disappeared all together: in the Options window, use to show your editor's name, it doesn't (Stylish and It's All Text!, that's it). There's also no way to open it from within style editor. Looks like you have to install IAT again?
  • the findbar and external edit / iat both work fine for me on 3.6b1
    any error msgs?
  • Nope! I have a feeling that this version screw my profile. Again!
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    absolutely no explanation to what's going on here ... I switched from 'new' to 'old' in the options and all of a sudden the new finbar shows up!
    Still no external editor though, sux:


    Well ... i figured, won't hurt - switched the check to Stylish-Custom ... and notepad++ shows up now.
    Selections crosswired? Weird Stupid
  • Stylish-Custom-0.6.2.xpi
    it wasn't importing styles unless they were already installed
    added some more info for toggle styles tab
  • When did this happen? I imported a group of styles in a new profile just fine ... but i think i was using 0.6 by then.
    Anyway, thanks!

    ChoGGi, what's that toggling is about?
  • 0.5.6 or 0.5.8

    you can use tags to toggle styles (the "|enable" thing)
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    I see it in the options window now, thanks!
    Do you have any idea why i might be getting the old find bar if i check 'new' and i get the new one if i check 'old'? Weird!

  • nope :)
    is extensions.stylish.custom.newsearch true or false when you pick old?
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    If i check 'old', it's false but the actual findbar is new. Something somewhere is reversing this.
    Here's a pic of the about:config, the editor and the options:

  • that screenshot looks like the new search to me?
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    Are you kidding me?! Isn't it the Fx default F3? I thought that was the old one. The shot above shows the new one (to me)... no? That's how it used to work for me: set to new and the one from the top shot shows.
    (either you're confused [too much coding?] or i need a vacation ... if not a treatment! Stupid
  • i said it looks like the new one (next/pre are on the new one)
    it works fine for me on 3.6b1 (false shows old search)
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    I really hate disabling Stylish. Every time i disable/enable it (for a conflict testing, let's say), something somewhere in some style(-s) will go out.
    1. This time, the code for the findbar quit working. The not found red bg. I'm totally confused with those bars now. If you say the next/previous is in the new bar, so be it. Then i'm having problem with the old one (how old? where did it come from? didn't you put it there with one of the S-C versions ... so that it's ... new?). Anyway, had this, was working. Does not any more (could be 3.6b1 changed that?):

    #SearchBox[style*="background-color: red;"] .textbox-input
    { -moz-appearance: none !important;
    background: green !important; }

    2. Another problem with the find bar (the one with next/previous buttons):
    type something and hit Enter (on your keyboard). The editor immediately closes. OOps!
  • 1. the old search is the one that was in SC, new is the one np added
    that code still works fine, did you add a xul namespace again :)
    oh yes i'm on win7 so i can test with the glass styles you use if you can't get it working

    2. i'll change it to do nothing?
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    Posted By: ChoGGioh yes i'm on win7
    ROFL (new puter? - congrats!)
    Posted By: ChoGGithat code still works fine, did you add a xul namespace again :)
    Doh!.. I need to comment a note to myself (keep forgetting!).... That was it, thanks!

    2.OK, use the ... 'new'? bar (the one with next/previous). Type something there (to be not found) and hit Enter. The editor will close. It should stay open and either show a 'non found' color (i've coded) or 'Phrase not found' button or something to indicate it's not found but not just close the window, don't you think? Personally, i don't use this one, i like the one with nothing there ;-) but it's still a bug to me. You type something, it's not found/ editor closes before you can re-type?

    And to clarify it for me, one more time, the NEW bar is the one from F3, correct?

    Also, if you ever feel like helping me with the glass scrollbar issue i can't figure out, let's do it in this thread. TIA!
  • (new puter? - congrats!)
    no grabbed an ssd so thought i'd give it a whirl

    2. the one with next/pre is the new search
    Also, if you ever feel like helping me with the glass scrollbar issue i can't figure out, let's do it inthis thread.TIA!
    i'll take a look-see later
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    A major problem!.. Unfortunately, can't figure when this happens.
    Sometimes, changes to a ready style do not save! I've noticed this about 3 days ago, so i guess, it started with the latest update. I first noticed that the changes (which i can see in preview) would suddenly disappear. I went back to those styles and fixed it again (thinking maybe i clicked a wrong button... didn't save ... or whatever). But yesterday i made a change to a style. I saved the change - purposely! - and posted changes. Today the changes don't show. I went to the style and updated from there. I know i saved my changes, not once, actually (yeah, i really made sure i'm saving it).
    Interestingly enough, my Fx 3.6b1 is crashing like never before. I noticed every time i open addons manager (install or update an ext.), it will crash. Now i wonder if this two strange events connected somehow (for instance, if Fx crashes, style changes are lost ... makes sense? no! but all that crashing doesn't make sense either Doh).
    What i don't understand is why it happens some times but not others. I'm working on a style and everything gets saved, so far. Yet, a few times i did lose my changes in other styles.
    Anyway, thought i'd let you know. Got any ideas?

    PS. I think ... it has to do with most of my exts. being bumped. In fact, i think gTranslate is a big troublemaker (script running warning pops up often). I disabled it for now and will see if crashes and/or saving styles problems will stop. As for the style i had problems with, i uninstalled it/restarted/installed again from the site. Will see if it sticks.
  • i haven't noticed any styles reverting, but i'm using 3.5 and i haven't been doing much in the way of style saving
  • Oh, i see. I still think it might be not the Stylish but something else. Something to do with javascripts. But i have no idea about this stuff anyway. I have 2 styles i'm working on and i'll be watching them like a hog - loosing style changes is not a joke, it's a major problem, hope you agree.
    Since i disable gTranslate ext, i didn't have crashes ... (javascript!) but not sure about styles yet, didn't have a chance.
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