• Don't know which one to blame here ;-)
    If i edit a disabled style, Save & Close it, it closes but gets enabled.
  • Stylish-Custom-0.3.1.xpi
    fix for style being reenabled after save (oops)
  • ChoGGi: For some bizarre reason, you can get Flash x86-64 for Linux (still marked "alpha" after... a year?), but not any other platform, and Silverlight 3 has no 64-bit builds for anything at all and doesn't plan to. That last is even weirder when you consider that Microsoft is finally forging ahead with Office 14 x86-64, and in theory at least one version of Windows Server 7 (or 2010?) won't include or even have the option to install the Win32 subsys. (I assume that means no Win16, no DOS, and and also no OS/2 (yes, really).) I assume SFU or SUA or whatever they like to call the POSIX subsys this week will come along for the ride, in x86-64 form. Extra weirdness re: 64-bit Silverlight: I'm pretty sure that's IE8/64 at the top of the default Win7RC Start Menu. So far, Fox in Win64 flavour would be a custom build, and Fox in Linux x86-64 is still something you generally get with your x86-64 distro. :P
  • Stylish-Custom-0.3.2a.xpi
    added update all button
    replace now uses the caret position to search from
    fixed a bug with the auto!important checkbox
    rearranged menuitems
  • I'll try it in a bit but as of now, styles still get disabled when editing/Save and Close. Interestingly, they seem to be still applied but show as disabled.
  • edited July 2009
    oops (again) yes they do

    edit: or not try 0.3.2a
  • Yeah, i think this one works all right. Thanks!
  • edited July 2009
    added a chrome column (shows @moz-docs)
    when you use the new style button it now adds it to the list

    if you noticed site rules adding undefined text
  • Update Notifier keeps saying there's an update to .3.4 but if i click Install, it rotates and stays blue (as if an updated is still available). Addons manager says fail to update.
    Is there a new version?
  • ChoGGi: FYI: Still marked as incompatible with Shredder nightly builds. Are you using the tookit UUID, or other?
  • no still 3.3, just a little mishap with update.rdf

    @Alois i added 3.0b3pre to the install.rdf (you can redownload 0.3.3 if you want)
  • edited July 2009
    added a searchbox (ctrl+f to focus, ctrl+bkspace to clear, ctrl+r to refresh list)
    added a button to update the style list
    it sorts somewhat (one direction only)
    pressing Preview more then once used to toggle Discard Preview
    you can only enter one char for the auto!important key
    i'd forgotten to make it calculate the meta data when saving
    ctrl+m opens manage window in export, import, info, and options

    path wasn't being saved
  • Thanks!
    Again, don't know where to post: styles once again get stuck. Due to the site changes, i have to redo my 6 styles - a royal pain if i have to restart Fx on disable/enable every time :-(
  • edited July 2009
    added a delete style button
    ctrl+delete to delete a style without confirmation
    double-click blank area to open a new style
    added an overwrite checkbox
    export checks if the folder exists and creates it if not
    you can now pick style info to be opened for manage
    added a manage menuitem to the tools menu (needs to be enabled in the options)
    switch to install wasn't working on new styles

    edit: if export is blank for you, then re-download it
  • edited July 2009
    reset wasn't working for change manage
    added domains to url list
    changed how it sorts the url list
    cleaned up the code a bit
    disable/restore/export/import might be faster (probably not a noticeable amount)
    now supports xml (allows you to keep the actual name,update url, etc...)
    a couple things though
    it converts double quotes (") to &#0038quot; (so don't get worried if you see them)
    so far export only does a single style to a file, import on the other hand will accept files with more then one style tag
    (compare two exported styles, it'll be easy enough to merge them manually for now)
    also if you view the xml in firefox, you won't see any line breaks

    edit: forgot this part of the changelog
    page opens in a new tab instead of a window
  • ChoGGi, >>

    here's the style >

    thanks ;)
  • Stylish-Custom-0.3.8.xpi
    removed close button
    moved new style to the left area
    forgot to add domains to search dropmenu
    ctrl+n to open a new style
    search ignores case sensitivity
    removed the extra space below the bottom area
    replace with blank wasn't working (again)
    replace all ignores case sensitivity
    changed the not found colour to red (instead of darkred)
    the dis/enabled count was messed up
    there may have been some extra space below the top area

    i've been thinking about moving name/url/tags to below the tools area, any thoughts?
  • Could you give the code for that red 'not found' thing, please (i'll write a style to change it ;-). Better yet, make it an option - highlight and not found bg color.
  • #SearchBox[style*="background-color: red;"]{}
  • Doesn't work.
  • oops forgot about the input
    #SearchBox[style*="background-color: red;"] input{}
  • Nope, still nothing. Thanks though!
  • works fine here, did you try with a colour?
    #SearchBox[style*="background-color: red;"] input{background-color:green!important}
  • edited July 2009
    'Of course i did, don't be ridiculous!' :-)

    In case you wonder, i put it in this style. I had in at the bottom, under @-moz-document url(chrome://stylish/content/edit.xul) and on top of the code as seen on this screeny. Nothing seems to work. :-(

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  • the @namespace is doing it (the input is html)
  • But it doesn't work even if i put it under @-moz-document url(chrome://stylish/content/edit.xul) - at the very bottom of the code. And it doesn't work all by itself in a new style.
  • try adding it above the @namespace rule you have in that style (it'll give an error), if that doesn't work then you probably have something else interfering
  • edited July 2009
    when you export more than one style as xml, it'll group them into a single file
    word wrap toggle wasn't working
  • edited July 2009
    #SearchBox[style*="background-color: red;"] .textbox-input { }

    And, yes, it only works above @namespace.

    Thanks ChoGGi, i'm a happy puppy now!

    What does this mean?
    'when you export more than style as xml, it'll group the styles into one file'
  • edited July 2009
    say you pick three styles to export as xml
    instead of putting them in separate xml files, they go in a single file
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