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Help! I need somebody!..



  • edited November 2011
    Here's the code from the script:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name us.o forum: add class for specified user(s)
    // @namespace
    // @description Adds a class for specified users (to be used in CSS later).
    // @include*
    // @author mod_wastrel
    // ==/UserScript==

    ( function( global )
    "use strict";

    var $ = global.jQuery;

    $( function()
    // Barbiegirl - hide all (animated) GIFs
    $( 'a[href^=\"\/profile\/11333\/\"]' )
    .parent( 'span.Author' ) .parents( 'li.Item' ) .addClass( 'HideBarbieGifs' )
    } );
    }( window.wrappedJSObject ) );

    And i just copy/pasted the style code from above and now both links show the same small gif which is fine by me.
    Thanks a whole lot! Saved me a wall! Ppew!...

  • edited November 2011
    Got another 'good one'.
    Anybody knows if i can fix this somehow:

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: about:addons
    Line Number 113, Column 7: <richlistitem id="category-languages" value="addons://list/locale" class="category" name="&view.locales.label;"

    This is what i get when i enable srazzano's Addons manager fix ext. Can't find the thread this stuff was in ... I bumped it to 15.0 but that didn't help. Is there something i can do (srazzano seems to be MIA).
  • edited November 2011
    I have a style that hides forums on MoZine and i have a script that hides posts by selected users. What i'd like to do is hide threads in MyEgo list (egosearch - View your posts), namely Status-4-evar thread. I had a misfortune to post there but i no longer use the ext. However, the thread is popular and keep popping up on top of my list which is irritating.
    Anybody knows if it's possible with css or knows a script to help me?
  • There many styles for gmail but the ones i looked at are kinda-sorta messy and didn't help me. I need to display:none avatars in popups. When you hover over the messages list (over a link in there), it pops 'contact' pop and there's an avatar. I can't get this one. Any help is appreciated, as always! TIA!
  • So, nobody here uses gmail? That thing keeps disappearing once clicked (left or right click) and i can't get it. I don't have Firebug which - probably - can get it.
    With fox and srazzano gone, it's impossible to get help around here! Wake up, people!
  • Not using Gmail's browser interface much anymore. It'll probably be changing some anyway as Google continues to "refine" the new UI (so you'll no doubt have to adjust whatever works now). However, try this (might work, might not--having Firebug will help :D ) :
    .tq .tS
  • AWESOME!! I did the whole .tq, annoying thing. Thanks a lot!
    That's the reason i don't post the style - it's one of my best styles ever, but with goog changing stuff every week or so, i don't want to be pressured into constant updating 'cause on my own i can do it when/whatever i feel like.
    I don't use Fbug, causes too many problems for me, slows Fx greatly ... it's (often) faster to just get info here Hehe!...
    Appreciate you taking the time, thanks again!
  • Install Firefox Portable and then use Firebug there only for testing/dev. (I use only the Portable version of Firefox myself.)
  • Thanks, worth to think about.
  • Need help with js. How do you comment things in js?
    For instance, i want to comment some of this stuff, like at the end, :visited, :visited * { color:.... } :

    switch(this.pref) {
    case 1:
    var newSS, styles='* { font-family: arial ! important; font-size: 16px ! important; font-weight: bold ! important; background: #777 ! important; background-image: none ! important; border: none ! important; color: black ! important } :link, :link * { color: black ! important; text-decoration: none ! important } :visited, :visited * { color: black ! important; text-decoration: none ! important }';
  • Thanks, fox! Where have you been? Didn't see you here for a while.
    BTW, remember this style? You might want to change your rating there since the person did give you a credit now and apologized.
  • I've been occupying. Fixed that rating, thanks for reminding me about that. :)
  • What were you occupying? The problem with occupying is that there doesn't seem to be any clear goal(-s) and therefor no clear direction. I'd go occupy something but i don't see any possibility of solving any problems that US is facing right now ... the whole s.c. movement is a 'fist in a pocket' as is now. I mean, i'm glad that people did take it to the streets, as they say, 'cause i kept saying whatever happened to the spirit that drove the 60s and 70s?! Like, everything is top notch in this country or people just got too fat (physically, mentally and morally) to get their butts out to show how they really feel?
    I'm too old to freeze my butt outside (plus, i live in the mountains and they don't care). But i drill their (people around me) minds and plant 'thinking seeds' of my deep propaganda ... maybe - when i'm gone - it will bring some fruit ...
  • There's a clearer message than the mainstream media leads people to believe. Essentially
    it's about removing corporate influence from politics and holding those in the financial industry accountable for the mess they created. Of course there are other issues that the movement would like addressed, but they're relative to those two aforementioned ideas. I've been occupying my state capital (Dover) whenever I can balance it between work and other obligations.
  • Come to think of it, i wonder if srazzano is occupying something too (even though he's in Mexico, last i heard). He hasn't been around even longer than you, just disappeared. I PM'd him too - nothing.
    Or maybe he just got P'edOff finally.

    fox, thanks, you restore my faith in people.
  • edited November 2011
  • edited December 2011
    YTube has changed again .... surprise! it's now on a weekly basis!
    I'm having problem changing hover on that Show more/Show less button under the player. I got the button itself where i i want it and as it used to be. But hover just doesn't want to apply. I looked at their file too but my code just doesn't work. If anybody has ideas, please, help. TIA!


    Oh, it's this style and the code is under /* show more (< search for /* show )

    EDIT: here we go again ... i've managed it somehow .... Thanks for looking wink
    121 x 34 - 3K
  • I give up! I just can't get that one line - any help?
    YouTube - need to sign in. Menu drops down, where there's a link to sign out. That menu has a border which actually seem to belong to the slider on the left. In any case, i can't get that thing. Please, help or i'll go nuts!
    Here's my style. With it, you can clearly see the vertical white line i'm talking about:


    96 x 157 - 13K
  • edited December 2011
    .yt-uix-slider {position: absolute !important;}
    #masthead-expanded-menu {margin-right: -10px !important;}
    115 x 151 - 24K
  • Thanks, srazzano, credited. Man, it's good to have you back Peace!
  • edited December 2011
    Ooops, that first line ... it hides the slider all together. Still looking for a solution.
    (This time there'll be no 'NM' post. I've been trying this one for a long, long time now).

    I have another problem there. The right sidebar keeps moving around. Can't figure what it depends on. Looks good in most cases but then on some pages it jumps down for some reason. Any help? TIA!
  • You can also try: #masthead-expanded-lists-content {position: absolute !important;}
  • Aha! That one seems to work. Do you have any idea what am i doing wrong with the right panel? It looks good (to me) 99% of the time but then on some pages (looks like when i'm signed in and video is on), it sinks down. I want it at the far right side of a page and at the top on a level with the player. And that's how it looks mostly. In fact, i think goog hamsters changed something today 'cause it used to work 100% before sometime today (when they also changed stuff in gmail!).
  • edited December 2011
    If you can post a link to where the right side-bar drops, maybe I can figure it out. The right side-bar looks fine on my videos.
  • I'll do, thanks! That whole thing is position:relative (by default) and since i changed sizes for the player, info under player and that bar, i think i hit a wrong element but i've already tried everything i see in DOMi. Plus, as i said, i only saw it on a couple of pages today (dumped the history already!). I'll be back when i see it again. Thanks, srazzano!
    On the other note, how about your addons manager fix ext.? Do you have plans on fixing it for Fx9? I had to disable it but really miss it, i like that little pearl of yours!
  • Are you on Fx9, Fx10, Fx11 Nightly? So many different betas! Do you know when it will come to an end? With each daily update, changes occur that may affect many addons. I know the manager fix works in Fx 8.0.1 and I know as soon as I fix it for one of the betas, the next daily update would probably break it.
  • edited December 2011
    Fx9b4, the latest 9beta. Yes, it did work on 8 for me. In fact, it broke (or rather, i noticed it broken, i don't really look there too often) with 9b2, i believe.
    The problem is the same as it was for Fx8 - manager opens on loading page and sticks there till you click on any category. I think that was it but could be something else, don't remember. I'm in the middle of doing something right now and can't restart to try.
  • edited December 2011
    Try this Addon Manager Fix for Fx9b:
    Nothing fancy at this point. Put the buttons up in the header for now.
  • edited December 2011
    Uhmm ... the buttons are there but in the wrong place and don't do anything. I used to have them on the left side, they're now on the right, right against the toolbar button. Did you change their IDs? And clicking them does nothing, no sorting.

    EDIT: added position: absolute !important; and they're now usable. Misaligned though. Have to do something there. And can't move them to the left for some reason. I'm sure that's where i used to have them. This style.
    267 x 37 - 7K
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