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  • mod_wastrel said: Strangely, I just noticed that the text I posted showed up in new posts in a couple threads made very soon after it--like it got transposed into them (or rob64rock is playing some kind of trick ( :D ?)). Curiouser and curiouser.
    makondo said: Yeah, i saw that but i thought he copy/pasted it.
    I copied it since those topics also disappeared after Jason deleted some spam from them... :)
  • Guys,
    i forgot how to add hover to treechildren, like this one:

    treechildren::-moz-tree-image(title, container)
    { opacity: 1 !important; }

    (title, container):hover throws error. treechildren::-moz-tree-image(title, container,hover) doesn't work ...
    I remember it has to go somewhere other than the end but can't figure it out. Any help? TIA!
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    your second example is correct - treechildren::-moz-tree-image(title, container, hover)

    I don't know why it's not working for you, though
  • ...♫ Help! Not just anybody
    Help! you know I need someone, Helllllllllp!

    ...It had to be done.
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    Haha, it has been (done), see page one:
    Webb said: Help, I need somebody,
    Help, not just anybody,
    Help, you know I need someone, help.

    Help me if you can, I'm feeling down
    And I do appreciate you being round.
    Help me, get my feet back on the ground,
    Won't you please, please help me?
    I predict, by the page 5, we will have all the lyrics here Hehe!...

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    thanks! I don't know why it doesn't work either. Sitting here staring at the hole in the wall ... Hmmm... I think i'm going to let this one go. It's not really essential, just a nice to have. Thanks for your time!
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    Well now, here's a good one: i have Menu Editor ext. and would like to change the look of the separators in the editor ... Huh? Told'ya, a 'good one'!
    They're treechildren ... PITA! ... and that's all i know. But i'm sure they do have some sort of an ID specific to them i just don't know how to get it.

    (see the pic: i've 'bordered' the separators i'm talking about):
    305 x 392 - 18K
  • have you tried treechildren::-moz-tree-separator
  • Genius! Thanks a lot! No, i didn't even know such a thing exists ... getting a bit lazy here, could've searched the threechildren.
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    I can never remember all those default elements and properties for a tree either. I just refer to this - . I figure if i post that link in this thread I'll always know where to find it!
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    I said, genius! I remember that one, the style is hideous! grey font on grey bg ... monstrous logo ... Gotta make it readable Yeap!

    EDIT: i mean ^
  • We had a thread with links to all those useful sites. I can't recall now what it was and can't find it. My searching skills are inferior to this site sophisticated search ... yeah.
  • We had a thread with links to all those useful sites. I can't recall now what it was and can't find it. My searching skills are inferior to this site sophisticated search ... yeah.

    Here, ChoGGi attempted to have a nice thread but it got spammed with requests and such. We really need to create a thread with all the helpful links and sticky it.

    Here, i started one, pile it up with links! -
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    NM, sorry, i think i fixed it ....

    (appreciate you looking to help me though Peace! )
  • NM, sorry, i think i fixed it ....

    (appreciate you looking to help me though Peace! )
    YW ;)

  • While you here ... have any idea how to display:none images in Barbie's posts? Those gifs give me headache.
  • I kind of like them, at least they are different!

    but if I were to have a style saved for just that purpose, I might I use this:
    .Message IMG[src$="gif"] { max-width: 20px !important; max-height: 20px !important; opacity: .5 !important; border-radius: 16px !important; border: double 3px #f00 !important; }
    but that would never happen.
  • mak, I don't know that it's possible hide the animated gifs only in Barbie's post with just css. I looked through the forum styling, and since the author information is a child of the Meta class which is a sibling of the Message class there isn't a way that I know of in css to specify the author AND hide the gifs which appear in the Message class. Sorry, but I can't help ya with this one, my friend.
  • ... have any idea how to display:none images in Barbie's posts?
    Remember that Greasemonkey script you had for an "ignore list"?

  • Yeah, fox, i know, i tried. It's either all or none.... but i don't want to hide my own smileys. I like those! Yeap!...Hehe!...

    Ohne, i know how to use Esc to stop animations, have been using it for 7 years , thanks. The code you posted applies to all gif's, of course, and i don't want to use it for the same reason.

    i use the script (believe me, i do!) but i don't know js and don't know what and where i suppose to put to grab just those gif's. I'm afraid i'll have to just add the user even though it breaks conversations (but being hit by a brick when i just try to read a thread is a lot more irritating).

    I still would appreciate if somebody would post a solution should you find one.
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    The script:
    // ==UserScript== // @name us.o forum: add class for specified user(s) // @namespace // @description Adds a class for specified users (to be used in CSS later). // @include* // @author mod_wastrel // ==/UserScript== ( function( global ) { "use strict"; var $ = global.jQuery; $( function() { // // Barbiegirl - hide all (animated) GIFs $( 'a[href^=\"\/profile\/11333\/\"]' ) .parent( 'span.Author' ) .parents( 'li.Item' ) .addClass( 'HideBarbieGifs' ) // } ); }( window.wrappedJSObject ) );

    The style:

    @namespace url(;

    @-moz-document url-prefix("") {

    li.Item.HideBarbieGifs .Message img[src$=".gif"] {
    /*display: none !important;*/
    max-width: 32px !important;
    max-height: 32px !important;
    li.Item.HideBarbieGifs .Message img[src$=".gif"]:hover {
    position: relative !important;
    top: 0 ; left: 0 ;
    max-width: none !important;
    max-height: none !important;

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    Oooh, this is great! Thanks! Found one that isn't hidden though -

  • That would be "odd" ...since that's actually the one I tested it on--and it works OK for me.
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    Oh, wait, the URL is different: no "comment/" you just need to update the @include and (oops, I had "comment/" in my test @include, which I removed for the prod @include which I posted above [a little out of sync there]) the @-moz-document (to remove the "comment" node). I've updated the code above.
  • Nope, still there.
  • Check your refreshed/loaded code against what's above--it's working fine for me (both URLs, though it's not a script/style I plan to leave enabled beyond testing [the GIFs don't bother me]).
  • It's the same. restarted a few time by now, still there:

  • Hmm ... interesting.
    The shot above is what i see when i use the first link, (and I see the whole gif there.
    However, when i went to the second link (, here's what i see:
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    Then it sounds like your style's @-moz-document still has the 'comment' node in its url-prefix (not that you couldn't simply use domain at this point).
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