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Completely Redesigned Yaranaiko.

edited May 2009 in Style Requests
As my favorite site closed( last month ,I found another one called Yaranaiko. so I'm wondering if someone could redesign Yaranaiko to how Akibakko looked just like this page: (it has the same look as Akibakko did) if anyone could do that I'll be really grateful to them.



  • :/ Anyone?
  • Bump.. anyone at all?
  • they look the same to me...
    something in particular you want changed?
  • I meant, I want this site to look like this: they are different. :/
  • i'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what to change :) so here's some what else do you want changed?
    @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain(""){ /*hide footer/iframes*/ #footer, iframe{display:none!important} /*move login/search*/ #Search-toggle,#Search,#Login-toggle,#Login{position:absolute!important;right:1em!important;top:4em!important} #Login-toggle{top:0!important;right:6em!important} #Search-toggle{top:0!important} #Search{top:2em!important} }
  • You kinda got it like I want if possbile can you do this?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    But I want " Akibakko αlpha2 " to say Yaranaiko (make the Aiko in pink if you can.) also make the search box say "Search tags" in gray text like on here
    and the things I want removed..
    *ShoutMix chat widget Link text
    *Login box.
    and if you can put the copyright back on and make it look like this
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic (the same css style)
    also if you can make the fav icon like on miselegidos
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you so much for the help. :) and I hope I explained it better!
  • you'll need greasemonkey to change some of that
    /*change favicon*/ tab[image=""]>.tab-icon-image, tab[image=""]>.tab-icon-image {height:16px!important;padding-left:16px!important;background-image:url("")!important;width:0!important} @-moz-document domain(""){ /*hide shoutmix*/ a[href=""], a[href=""]+br, /*login*/ #Login-toggle,#Login, /*iframes*/ iframe{display:none!important} /*move search*/ #Search-toggle,#Search{position:absolute!important;right:1em!important;top:0!important} #Search{top:2em!important} /*colour change*/ #footer{color:lightgray!important} #header>h1>a:after{content:"αlpha2"!important;color:#FF0066!important} }
  • KyoKyo
    edited May 2009
    Nice!!! can you somehow remove " - AKibakko Backup"? also which parts are needed for Greasemonkey I could request it on userscripts.
  • removing that text for one :)
    and adding "search tags" (they use js to add it also)
  • Ahh, okay I guess I can ask over there even though they rarely answer my requests.
    also thanks the code. :)
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