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I just want to suggest a feature for the USO website: When logged in, I can see the styles I created on the "My Account" page in their special section. How about having an additional section "Bookmarked Styles", and having the possibility to "mark" any style (on its page) to be added to a list displayed here?

The biggest advantage from this is when setting up a new machine (e.g. your own new PC/Laptop, or the one at your new work place/office), you can quickly find which styles you usually install. Also, while sitting at your machine at home and finding some style useful for your work machine, you could simply mark it this way - and find it with "one click" at work the next day.

Comments? Hails? Will do? ;)


  • Can't you just... bookmark them?
  • not really what your looking for, but in the stylish manager press copy style info then paste it into a text doc.
    it'll give you a list of installed styles, the urls, and if they are disabled
  • I can - and what do I tell my friend on the phone? "Please open MY bookmarks to check for the list"? If it's only for me: Sure, that would be a (temporary) work-around: Bookmark them, XMark them, have them in all my Firefoxes. Not that I'm that fond of all the current "social web stuff" - but to me, this better belongs to my page on USO. Guess that is what it is intended for, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong, maybe I misunderstood ;-)
  • This is one of those features I definitely think we should be looking for in a current-generation repository.

    Now we shouldn't compare and like-for-like in every situation, but in they're definitely doing everything right as far as I can see. Adding things to your 'favourites' is a useful feature for personal convenience and for promoting other people's styles, so it should be a priority.
  • I see how it can be useful, but I see many other ways to accomplish the same thing. Ways that involve no effort on my part.
  • If you write many - AFAIR you only mentioned one (personal bookmarks). Would you mind to list the others? I hope you are not thinking of services like del.icios and the like ("social bookmark systems") - they would be no option for me. I would never ever publish all my bookmarks somewhere (to ease profiling and the like), I would not even create an account there. So what else is left?

    Still I think the intention of USO was: If I look for a style for XYZ, I turn to that site. So it would only be straight/consequent/logical to have those "bookmarks" exactly there where I'd look for the styles, don't you think? If you like to, make a poll: a) I definitly want it there, b) no, don't even think about, c) I don't care :-) I guess b) would almost get no single point *grin*
  • Copy Style Info. Making a list of URLs and putting it somewhere. Copy stylish.sqlite.
  • 1. Copy Style Info - is useless, sorry. So i have the list. There 100+ styles. Now i have to go hunt each one.
    2. How do you make a list of URLs? and, like Izzy, i won't 'put' them anywhere. I don't use any of s.c. 'social sites'.
    3. Copy sqlite and what to do with it? It has nothing to do with the OP. I might be interested in a style i don't want to install (in this profile/puter or whatever reason).

    I don't see any of this helpful. But i do see you don't want to deal with that ;-)

    Izzy, request rejected. Take it easy! ;-)
  • makondo: Don't give up on it too easy. If Jason is not convinced, I can fully understand he is not willing to put precious time to it - I wouldn't do either. So the point is to convince him. And I guess your last post points out pretty well a few things:

    1. Jason thought the request is already covered "somehow" by the 3 points - but that's not usually the case
    2. Though of the "social site hype", I'm not the only one not willing to use those sites. Privacy has its importance
    3. Though the bookmarks on our profile pages, on first sight, look like the same "social stuff", at least some of us see that differently.
    4. At least two people would feel more attracted to the USO site with this feature being added (I'm pretty sure, a lot of other people would, too - they just either didn't find this thread yet, or are too lazy to vote)

    As I see it, there's no "hurry". If you start things too fast and early, it's pure actionism - see politics for what comes out of it (fighting international terrorism by collecting innocent peoples data, and the like, with no practical use). So it's much better if things are thought over first - even if they "sound clear and obvious" on first sight. We now collected some very fine arguments - let's add more if we find. Let Jason give some more counter-arguments - and let us see if he is finally right (which is one of the two things I would accept as a "no" - the other is, simply spoken, if he for some reason does not *want* to do it. Finally, it is *his* site, so it is his decision - I wouldn't feel mad for such a "no", just pity).
  • As I understand it, what you're asking for is a way to make a list of styles that are posted to for your own personal use and possibly to share with others (though not shared by default), right?

    So bookmark (in your browser) the styles in a folder. Then you have a list. If you want to back up the list or send it to a friend, you can highlight all the bookmarks and copy.
  • That's the gist of it, but Favourites are supposed to be publicly viewable, as their purpose is to let other people know what you like and to allow you to promote other people's styles. It also allows you to determine so some degree how popular a style is (people install styles, but may uninstall them immediately after) on top of ratings. Ever been to websites like deviantART? Look at My Favourites and see what I mean. Also see how does things.
  • Posted By: Jason Barnabe (np)As I understand it, what you're asking for is a way to make a list of styles that are posted to for your own personal use and possibly to share with others (though not shared by default), right?
    Nope. I wrote some styles myself (and you are right in so far that I did not publish them all), but I'm not talking about unpublished styles. I also use a lot of styles from other people. These styles are published. So while browsing USO, I may come across a nice style and add it to my "favorite styles" in my account. Have a look at, so you see what I mean.

    In short: On each styles page, there could be a link "add to my favorites" (if it's not already in there - otherwise, "remove from..."). Clicking that creates a link in the "my favorite styles" section of the logged-in users page. Well, if the user is not logged in, all this does not take place of course.

    Clear as mud now, right? :p
  • this has my vote.
  • People are asking for this for different reasons and wanting it to work in different ways. For the "show other people which styles I like" idea, it could be a view of all the styles you gave 4+ stars rather than a separate feature. For the "keep track of certain styles for my own personal use" idea, I still don't see what's wrong with in-browser bookmarks.
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    OK, so here comes an example: I visit a friend far away, we talk, ..., and he want a few good scripts. My bookmarks are not in my pocket - the site is found quickly. Having my favorites bookmarked there, I always find them - even without my bookmarks from the browser.

    Additional pros: Considering the favorites a table having a.o. the columns name, rating, favcount (how many people have it in their favorites), installs, last update - I can even see what I may need to re-check. I could even think of "updated since last visit (of the scripts page)" (which could be a checkmark) to make this even more clear (well, that would rather be needed with UserScripts.Org, since they lack an update mechanism - but the one Stylish recently uses is not that good, as discussed in another thread). With the possibility to sort by each of the columns. Moreover, many people are lazy to rate styles: There are styles at USO with several hundred or even thousand downloads having not a single rating. With the favorites system, there's a similar mechanism available which also works for most of those lazy users (oh please, nobody take this personally - I also forget rating from time to time, first wanting to try the style).

    I also use Greasemonkey (as you may have noted), and thus also frequently visit UserScripts.Org. Did you have a look at their favorites system? That's what I have in mind.

    Oh, besides: Considering the a.m. columns "last update", "favcount", "installs", and "rating", making up a nice formula, one could figure out "top scripts" - like, ahem, Greasefire does for Greasemonkey scripts at UserScripts.Org...
  • All the feature requires is a single database table pairing the user ID along with the style ID.
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