How do I Adjust Font Colors in a Falsh Player

I'm trying to adjust the color schemes in a flash player on The font color and font styles cause it to be illegible on FireFox 4. I was hoping to clear this up a bit.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • Could you post a screenshot regarding what you are talking about? It would help determine what you need fixed. Thanks
  • Attached is an example of the current player. The highlighted line (in orange) and the MouseOver ToolTip box are both difficult to read. The sight is I simply want to either get rid of the style (looks like embossed) or change the colors or both to make them more legible.

    Any thoughts on how to make this possible? All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

    (Tried to post the "div" block that contains the code for it, but this forum wasn't very friendly to it, nor could i find any TGML tags, etc to make it display properly).
  • The only thing I was able to visibly manipulate was the background for the player. From what I can tell, your font color for white is showing up as transparent. The edges of the font appear white. I checked it out and some are FFFFFF = white. They shouldn't anti-alias as white if the color is white, so one step back in the color loop from transparent (000000), would be white.

    Enough babble, this might work:

    #player {background: white !important;}

    You'll have to refresh the screen after applying it. If that doesn't work, I am at a loss. Not really at a loss, but it falls into the category of too many other variables.
  • Unfortunately it was a no go.

    Frustrating is i can see the line in the page source I want to alter. I just don't know how to get to it.

    bgcolor: "#ffffff",
  • I can see that one too, but white is FFFFFF, so I don't think that is your problem. If that is what you are seeing in the DOM, that is what should be displayed. What you are seeing is blue, 0000FF instead. I can't find anything on my end that is blue. I'm thinking it could be some setting you might have for content or perhaps a script/addon/extension you have installed.
    Do you have the latest Flash, ActiveX and Javascript installed?
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