Change color in "Firefox 4: Choose Your Color "

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Hi there, guys!
I just installed Firefox 4: Choose Your Color but now I need to change color but don't know how... It says "Style is installed in Stylish. To manage it, go to Tools, Add-ons, User Styles." But there I get code lake this:
@namespace url(;

#navigator-toolbox label:not([class^="menu-"]):not([id^="identity-icon"]):not([class^="urlbar"]):not([class^="tab"]),
sidebarheader label:not([class^="menu-"]),
#browser-bottombox label:not([class^="menu-"]),
#browser-bottombox description,

I'm not a programmer... Is there an interface through which I can change color?

Thank you!


  • Go back to the page of the style, reselect the settings you want, and reload the webpage. It should come up with a update style button.
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