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Am I missing something, or is there supposed to be a 'Cancel' option for a comment? I noticed this was an option when selecting 'Start a New DIscussion', but I don't ever recall seeing it as a comment option.

Thank you :)


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    No, just don't click Save Comment and close the tab. Now, if you go edit a comment, there's a Cancel button (but that one will cancel your editing not the comment).
  • This is a test to see if this works as described. I already tested the smileys and the close tab solve you suggested makando, now I want to see what happens when the thing autosaves as a draft.

    EDIT: The paragraph above was created at 4:40pm (now 11:47pm). The question I guess I was asking was, is there supposed to be a 'Cancel' option for a comment after it autosaves a draft?

    I guess I could have waited a week or until someone posted to the same discussion to see if it disappeared.
  • Huh? Again, there's no Cancel for forum posts unless you're editing an existing post. Drafts get saved but not posted. You can see them if you click Discussions at the top > My Drafts (or something like that, i hide them in my style).
    BTW, if you have questions/suggestions about the site, there's a thread: New forum
  • Wow. Please don't be upset. I posted a couple of comments to test, exited via closing the tab. I came back now to the first test comment I wrote before the last one that I later edited.

    Anyway, thanks for your time. I am sure there are much more important things to worry about than adding a cancel option or even wasting time reading about this in a different thread.

    Solution: Simple. No comments, no worries.
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