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Some suggestions:
- I think the title font should be the same as the rest (Segoe?)
- When you change the text-shadow on hover, like here #related > UL > LI:first-child + LI + LI + LI a:hover, #related > UL > LI:last-child a:hover, #left-sidebar a:hover { color: #bbb !important; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000, 1px 2px 4px #444 !important; }, it seems a bit "laggy". Of course it's up to you to change it, but this annoys me. For example, when you pass the mouse over the style lists, it performs much better. BTW, I like the "bamboo" one too, but it has the same problem.
- I will give you the same suggestion luckymouse gave me: get rid of the underline on the links. I found it strange at first when using it with my style, but it looks better when you get used to it.
Anyway, it's looking good!


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    OK. First of all, thanks for rating again! (i have another 100something styles available for rating if you have time Hehe ).
    Update again, i fixed all those issues above, thanks!
    Going to do the Bamboo too. Nice style, if i may say so myself (but it takes somebody with an artistic bone to appreciate, like us! Hehe ).
  • Tss,
    did you see my Smokin'Hot style? That's pretty dark too. The pics don't come out nice, need to try it on. There's a night, and smoke, and some grilling going on. Has a forum companion, too.
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