Problems with style on facebook

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I'm not so sure that this is the right category, but anywho...
I have a few styles, only one that points to my facebook. It is a great style, Creative 2.6. I edited a few things: background image, some text colors, and removed the association to
It works beautifully on my "Home", but when I go to my profile, some of the events have completely disappeared.
What is so strange, is that some of the things that disappear are not consistently gone. One status update will appear, but the next is gone.
Here is a rough example of what is happening:


Mar 9
*** is blah blah blah

Mar 8

Mar 7

Mar 6
*** tagged *** in the album ***.

Okay, get the picture??

If anyone could tell me anything about this, I would greatly appreciate it!!!


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