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Jason, how about adding another item to the Stylish icon/button context menu: 'Manage Styles in Sidebar...' ?
('cause I'd rather use a mouse-click than a keyboard short-cut to open the sidebar)



  • Yes! If you're using 0.5, there's a custom button i use that opens the manager in the sidebar with one click. The button doesn't work with 1.0 however. Here's the code, maybe somebody knows what to change to make it work again, TIA!

    /*Initialization Code*/

    if (typeof custombuttons.uCbuttonButes != 'function') {

    var Msg = createMsg(this.label);

    var de = createDebug(this);

    /*----------------- Custom Buttons2 Mouse Handler ------------------*/
    this.leftclick = function(evt){

    this.midclick = function(evt){

    this.rightclick = function(evt){
    gShowPopup(this); // Replace with call of your choice

    this.setAttribute( 'onclick', 'gQuot( event, this )' ); // Calls the Golbal MouseClick handler gQuot
    this.setAttribute('ondblclick', 'gQuot(event, this)');
  • show the manage window changegoDoCommand(stylishCommonOverlay.openManageStyles());tostylishOverlay.openManage();
    wasn't able to get the sidebar working, but you can change
    toggleSidebar('viewAddonsSidebar');that opens the add-ons in the sidebar and if you used stylish last then it'll show stylish
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  • Sorry, canadagirl, didn't work for me. It does work with 5.9 though but i already have a button for that (see above). I really think it's impossible until np will make it possible ;-)
  • ChoGGi, sorry, none of those worked for me either.
    Thank you both for trying though!
  • THANKS for Testing makondo!!! I deleted it.
    I couldn't get yours working for me though.
    As soon as I put it up onto the toolbar is was greyed out.
    Maybe because I only have custombuttons1 ?????
    I can't get custombuttons² - I can only have custombuttons1 which I love love love.
    But that's for custombuttons forum to discuss, not here I know.
    I also only have firefox 3.0.5
    Thanks again for testing!
  • Posted By: canadagirlI can't get custombuttons² - I can only have custombuttons1 which I love love love.
    Why cant you get custombuttons2? o.O
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    What's wrong with Custom Buttons², canadagirl? Over 360 buttons+ more coming and often 'made to order' and/or assisted with making by a bunch of a very helpful and capable people. Just ask in the forum or browse wiki, video tutorials, etc. One of the very best exts. and support i see around.
    So, what's the problem? and why 3.0.5?
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    opening the addons manager works, thanks for the idea. I use a custom button by LouCypher which has a dropdown choices for the sidebar. It's the next to best workaround but it does work. I will have to make yet another style as my great style i've been using forever doesn't quite work there ;-( and i now need to re-do the exts. window as well.
    Still, the Q remains, can this option (open a list of styles like it is in the previous versions) be added in the future?
  • Posted By: makondoChoGGi, sorry, none of those worked for me either.
    oops i think you need local install for it to work
  • Yes, i have the LI. The problem is (see above, posted at the same time), i now have to re-style the addons manager 'cause there's no Delete button and Uninstall button is on the other side, etc. etc.... Just too much pain all of a sudden. And i see no benefits of the new 1.0 so far. What are they again anyway?
  • To makondo and HKK
    #1 having 3.0.5 is just a choice- I wait until much later when all the firefox addons have done all there updates and sorted bug problems
    before I download the next firefox update.

    #2 OMG ! When I downloaded custombuttons2 ALL MY BUTTONS DISAPPEARED from the toolbar. ALL buttons from Firefox addons and the
    buttons I had made (customized favicons) and all the many buttons from firefox addon Toolbar Buttons!
    The customize toolbar window storage for buttons was cleaned out-COMPLETELY EMPTY!
    All my firefox addons were REMOVED from my Tools Menu on the menubar, and from the right-click maincontext menu!
    I don't know why. I was so scared and crying and shaking!
    I uninstalled custombuttons2 and everything went back to normal BUT I had to
    re-set the placement of where I had all my Buttons placed on the toolbar. That was a big job, I couldn't remember
    where I had put them all and wanted it just like it was before. (I've since taken a screenshot of my toolbar in case anything like that happens again).
    I am a button fanatic! I have been so happy with custombuttons1 so I've just left it at that.
    There are a lot of Buttons I can still use from custombuttons when only having custombutton1.
    Maybe I'll go to custombuttons forum and discuss this - this isn't the place for that discussion I know!
    That's my story!
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    Just so that you know, updates with the last digit changes (like, 3.0.5, 3.0.6, 3.0.7) usually security updates and shouldn't interfere with exts. or the looks of Fx. The next 'big' update will be 3.5 (probably, otherwise it will still be 3.1 or 3.2). So, if you have any exts. that aren't updated for the Fx3.0*, you should ask their developers as it's really about time they do unless they don't plan on doing it at all.

    #2 - yeah, OMG! but it's easily fixable ;-) All you have to do is go to the forum and post there. I can't find the post about moving from Custom Buttons to Custom Buttons² right now but there's a a safe way. You don't have to, of course, it's just that CB² is much more advanced and very well supported. Hope to see you there!

    EDIT: there, read this thread, it might help. If not, just create a thread on your own. Good Luck!
  • And here's what np said in the other thread:
    Posted By: Jason Barnabe (np)I'm reworking the code the code that overlays the add-ons dialog to be able to overlay anything, so there will be an option of add-ons dialog manager, standalone manager, and sidebar manager. There's really not much extra code that's required to this - it's shared code wrapped with small containers for the specific place they should appear.
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