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text shadow for treechildren?

edited December 2010 in Style Development
I seem to be unable to apply text shadow to treechildren. I can change font size, color, style ..... but shadow won't apply. Using -moz-appearance: none doesn't help. Anybody knows why and how to overcome that? TIA!

Try case:

1. Open Options/Security/Saved passwords.
2. Try this:
@-moz-document url(chrome://passwordmgr/content/passwordManager.xul){

{ color: red !important;
text-shadow: 1px 2px 4px black !important;
font-size: 13px !important; } }


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  • srazzano,
    can you point me to a place on that page where it explains why i'm unable to apply text-shadow to treechildren?
  • edited December 2010
    Sidebar Panel AutoHide
  • edited September 2011
    So, while i can change the font (color), i can't apply shadows? Sorry, you know i'm thick.

    Scroll. It's fine, glad it was useful to you. I saw the style - pretty neat! I like my sidebar to open/close as far as i need it. In this style (and another one for Fx3.6* - Glass... ), i have it to open by dragging the border and can close it to the left border or open all the way to the right border, or have it open as much as i need. I like that a lot. It's really nice with wide screens.
    I think in your style, it'd be nice if you could expand it on hover but hide on a click. This way you won't need to keep your cursor on it in order to see/do something there.
    I like the transitions stuff, adds some fun, but i still can't use it on my own 'cause don't quite understand it.
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  • We should get together! I think i have a decent taste (well, i like what i do) but lack coding skills, my styles are messy 'cause i sometimes have no idea what i'm doing and if i see it working, i'm happy ... til i discover that i messed something else up Wink
  • @makondo, did you ever find a solution to this? Applying text-shadow to treechildren? 'Cause I'm having the same problem...
  • No, Tss, sux big time! Things look unfinished and often plain hard to see. There 'tricks' like slightly darker bg of the same color just for the tree, etc. but it's not shadows, of course.
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