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can someone make a myspace style

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im talking about , not the actual profiles themselves.
since this is a page i see on a daily basis. the white kinda bothers my eyes at night.
and i have tried looking for dark grey or black restyles for alot of my sites, such as Google.

all im looking for is to have a background and the text colors similar to something like this

just getting rid of all the white and having the text be readable over a black or dark grey background.

because i already have the advertisements and such blocked within Firefox.
so im just looking for a simple change in the color scheme.


  • @namespace url(;

    @-moz-document domain("") {
    * { background: #313131 ! important; color: #D4D4D4 ! important; }
  • it gives me an error when trying to save it

    'Unexpected end of file while searching for end of @media or @-moz-document rule. Unrecognized at-rule or error parsing at-rule '}'.

    Unexpected end of file while searching for end of unknown at-rule.'
  • Did you miss copying the last } ?
  • ahh yeah thats what it was.

    wow what a difference. so much easier on the eyes.

    thanks a bunch guys!

    now i dont have to put up with those annoying profiles with all the transparent junk. ^_^
  • edited January 2007
    Only "problem" is that forms (edit boxes and stuff) will end up having a dark gray background too. In my styles I typically add the following bit of code to reset the colors of form elements, although I don't know if it's a good way to do it or not (just something that seems to work).

    input *, textarea * { background-color: -moz-Field !important; color: -moz-fieldtext !important; }
    You can thow that in there after the line that starts with a ' * '...if you want your forms to have their default background and text color.
  • is there a way to get the background of the form to be black and the text to be white?
  • What form?
  • the form used when submitting comments and the one for when changing up a user profile (

    cause the way i see those now, is the background is grey and the text is black.
  • The forms aren't visible to non-members. You could try:
    form { background: black ! important; color: white ! important; }

    Other than that, someone with a "myspace" account may be able to help you out or you'll have to get the form "ID's".
  • nope. that didnt work. doesnt seem to change anything.

    this part :
    input *, textarea * { background-color: -moz-Field !important; color: -moz-fieldtext !important; }

    works. but i would rather the background of the form be black instead of white. and the text be white instead of the light grey that i see.

    without that part. the form is grey and the text is black.
  • So, change "-moz-Field" and "-moz-fieldtext" to "black" and "white".
  • great. that worked just fine.
  • Myspace is the #4 search query on the site... Someone want to post this style?
  • Let Stipe do it. I wouldn't want people to get the idea I'm on there...not that there's anything wrong with it. 8-þ
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