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I saw the transparent firefox, which is great.
But I can't make my second status bar ("Statusable" addon) transparent as well.
And, specially, could I make the "background" be the webpage itself (at least for the status bar and, if possible, also for the Statusable status bar)?


  • You can't make the page bg transparent ( ... yet. May be with Fx 3.1? not sure). I also couldn't make Statusable transparent (not that i tried hard). Try asking in the Glasser thread (if that's what you're using 'cause that's what you need for transparent styles to work - Vista, Fx3, Glasser).
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  • They can change a color but do not make it transparent (vista) glass.
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  • It didn't work for me. In fact, i have it all set and don't need any of this. BTW, none of it works for me (not your styles, not the 'Transparent...' style). As you can see in the Glasser thread i linked above, my whole Fx is nicely glassed. I tried the StatusAble ext. in attempt to help, didn't happen.
    As far as i know, there will be support for vista's glass in the future releases, not sure it'll make it in the Fx 3.1 though. But when it does, it will be much easier to code for (i hope).
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    The top of this page says "Transparent Firefox " and the category of this forum post is listed as
    "Transparent Firefox" so I thought he was talking about this posted Stylish
    style called Transparent Firefox I tested it and it works except
    it does not change statusable statusbar. So my additional code set to transparent does change the statusable for this stylish style "Transparent Firefox" but i've removed it if you say it's all wrong.
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    Please have a look at Ambroos' modified glasser js script . My Total Transparency style heavily depends on it.

    I don't use the addon mentioned over here, but I've been able to glass a couple of bottom bars from other addons by selecting black as bg colour.
    - Download statusbar
    - Extended statusbar
    - The built-in FF find bar

    My problem now is that glasser does not work in the latest 3.2 nightlies, so I have to live with the ugly black bars for the moment.
  • /* transparent statusbar(-s) */
    #status-bar, statusablebar
    { -moz-appearance: none !important;
    background-color: black !important; }

    ^ does not work. In fact, as soon as you install this ext., it disables this code and it no longer works for Fx status bar.
    I'm done here. Sorry, alainsr, can't help.
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