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Black on transparent SVG and PNG images are just invisible with that style. This is a common issue of black backgrounds (and transparent images!). Giving a colored background to transparent images would work on some images but look awfull in most cases. I added the one you mentionned in the style, but this "hack" is not going to help with other black on transparent SVGs on Wikipedia pages.


  • Agnelo,

    Your LCARS styles really do look great... but what theme(s) are you using for Firefox?

  • I didn't designe, nor do I use any CSS based theme for Firefox itself. I designed global GTK themes for the operating systems I'm working on, using their color palettes and logos: OpenBSD (mainly blue-gray and yellow), NetBSD (gray and orange), FreeBSD (gray and red), and several Linux flavors, as you might have seen on my different Wikipedia styles for OpenSuSE (green), Ubuntu (brown), Fedora (Slate Blue), Mandriva (Dark blue) and Mepis (Light blue). These themes apply (in theorie) to any GTK2 base application, such as Firefox. However Firefox developpers don't seem to care about GTK classes very much and Firefox design, from a strict GTK (look & feel) point of vue, is ... crap ! Maybe because they have other ways to customize Firefox, using CSS, and the FF team rather concentrate on XUL. I don't know enough about it to tell you if you can achieve the same result with CSS styles as with GTK classes.

    Years ago, I redesigned a global LCARS style for Enlightenment, one of the many windowmanagers for Unix and Linux. Unfortunately, the applets don't work very well anymore with the current releases of Enlightenment, an this pretty old version incompatible with most libraries has become impossible to maintain. I kept porting and compiling it for many years, but I won't do it anymore and probably stop using it in the next OpenBSD release.
    Here's a screenshot (just for fun). This almost unusable theme is quite unique, I guess.
    The buttons and menus on the FF window are produced by GTK not by XUL.
  • Posted By: AgneloI didn't designe, nor do I use any CSS based theme for Firefox itself.
    Actually, that's half true. GTK handles the buttons and menus. But, as I said, FF doesn't have clearly defined GTK classes. So, to be able to read preferences and other dialogs, I finally changed some text colors in a quick and dirty userChrome.css. But I admit I have my part of responsibility for this poor engineering, since I persist writing a global gtkrc insteed of small onces for each application. That's a bad way to do it, but I like it so ... and so I'm wrong, but happy. :-)
  • Coolness. Well, I can get a pretty good color match using the AnyColor add-on, plus if I come across a suitable image of Enterprise (or anything that's nice & trekky), then I can toss that in as a background... oughta be fun. :D
  • What's your screen resolution ?
  • Depending on which PC I'm using, it's either 1280x1024 or 1680x1050.
  • Check here and see if you can use them :
    a 1280x1024 base
    a 1680x1050 base
    4 bgs 1280x1024 (tgz)
    4 bgs 1680x1050 (tgz)
    The images are pretty dark because I use to have a transparent terminal running in the background, as you can see on that screenshot. Also notice the incoming subspace transmission in the bottom left corner. :-) (actually randomized animated gifs launched by incoming emails).
    I don't have the bandwith to keep thes archives very long on line. My styles might be from the 24th century, but my sites are still from the 20th.
  • Got 'em. Thanks. I'll see what I can setup here--maybe get Dragon Naturally Speaking and get some comm going with "Computer" (said with that Picard accent) :D. With the upcoming Star Trek movie, I should come across some interesting images to throw into the mix. More importantly, though, if you run into Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half century... I'll definitely want to hear about it. Thanks again.
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