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    2. the corners were not applied to first and last bookmarks, but to the bookmarks bar. That's a detail.

    4. The bookmarks settings did not "influence" the "Places" folder at all.
    The right space is here by the fault of default bookmarks bar settings.
    So your code does not solve the problem because it is applied to bookmarks that are ok.

    Edit: I solve the problem setting the bookmarks bar. Tell me if it's ok for you too.
  • Well, it is definitely better!!! :)
    Good job!
  • All riiiight ! thx ;)
  • Hmm is it possbile to make it work with "Personas for Firefox" I think that will be really cool. you did a really good job with this skin so far. :) keep it up
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    The idea is interesting. For the moment it's clearly incompatible because of how tabs are skinned (even all elements for which i applied a background). But I'll make any tests to see how to make it compatible, and i'll tell here later if it's convenient or not (it can take a long time because of the work to do = entirely remake images).
  • KyoKyo
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    Alright I'm looking forward to seeing it if you can make it possible! thanks.
  • I've got couple other suggestions:

    1. Large toolbar buttons (Google Chrome has rather large buttons)
    2. Change hover (for buttons) effect to somewhat more 3D-like
    3. Add ":active" effect (for pressed button).

    I think it should be easier :)
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    - In fact i have made more little buttons to have a minimal height for browser. I can look at this after making the compatibility for "Personas" extension.

    - An example of what do you want for a "3D-like" hover effect ?

    - For active buttons, i have done another style (not online) to add an active effect, it's not finish yet (i finish the compatibility i said and i put it in the main style after).
  • Well, right now hover effect for buttons is simply gray color.

    3d hover effect is somewhat more complicated...

    take a look HERE , maybe it will help you.
    Maybe simple reverse (upside-down) of background will do, maybe not - I don't know....

    And there definitely should be :active effect as well ()
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    Interesting article (by the way, the result with reversed background is not very nice).

    I made a compatibility with "Persona".
    (note because (menu) bar is full of buttons, i made semi-transparent toolbars as tabs are with "Persona")
  • Thanks a lot! =) with the Persona add-on it gives this skin an even nicer feel. =)
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    I agree that can be a real plus. Thx to you too for the suggestion ;)
  • Here is incompatibility report: Style Tabs: Hide Title & Favicon on Blank Tab used to be compatible with your style, now it's not.
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    That's normal.

    In fact, to make the compability with "Personas" extension, i had to remake the way of skining tabs. Now, they are skinned with 3 pics and the tab-text serve to skin the middle of tab. If it isn't a problem with "Faviconize Tab" that remove the text, it is one with this style that just hide the text and leave a blank space.

    I prefered to keep the "Personas" extension compatibility instead of this style compatibility.

    But there is as third solution (if you want) to color the tab-text :

    .tabbrowser-tab[label="(Untitled)"] .tab-icon-image { visibility: hidden !important; } .tabbrowser-tab[label="(Untitled)"] .tab-text { color: #9FC4F0 !important; } .tabbrowser-tab[label="(Untitled)"][selected="true"] .tab-text { color: #fff; }
  • Hi guys!
    In the solution above, instead of color: #something, use color: transparent and it will be compatible with Personas
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    To set it transparent is effectively more simple ;)

    .tabbrowser-tab[label="(Untitled)"] .tab-icon-image { visibility: hidden !important; } .tabbrowser-tab[label="(Untitled)"] .tab-text { color: transparent !important; }
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    Neiimad, for TANGO Firefox Skin go to here: Gnome Classic

    Also take a look here: Gnome Theme for Firefox
  • I took a look on the pages you gave and have read its comments.

    I won't use this theme to make the asked compatibility, because this is not the default theme he said and surely has differents settings.

    Maybe if someone can zip me his default files i could be sure to not work on a "Tango + Gnome" theme made for Windows etc but on the real "Tango" theme used with Linux.
  • I looked at your style under Linux once again: Hide Chrome buttons aren't compacted together under Linux.

    As for me, I think you should write that for Linux users this style should be applied for "Strata Aero" Theme.

    Which files from Linux's Firefox exactly do you want?
  • Bug-report:
    In the search bar, if you hover mouse over close button, the search bar changes it's height. It is possible to move mouse in such way that search-bar will be "jumping" all the time :)
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    Findbar is now ok.

    About Hide chrome buttons, they were not collapsed ? (on Linux)

    About the files, i meant the Linux default theme package folder (the default FF "Tango" theme).
  • Chrome buttons do not unify (if I may say so). They look like separate buttons there.
    I'm not sure that it will help you, but I'll try to get them to you.
  • I don't know what's the problem on Linux, i don't work on it but on Windows from wich it's ok :/

    (thx for the files if you can !)
  • Here are: (linux) Firefox's files

    Let me know if this is what you need.
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    That's an entire profil, much better ;)

    Well, i've tested to create a profil with this one, and... the default theme is not loaded i had "no theme eslected" (and no theme in the box).

    I don't know why the default theme did not load :s
    And i must say my Chrome Skin works well in this case.
  • Hey I know I asked something like this before but did you ever make something for Tab mix plus? sorry for bugging I just like using that add on
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    Oh, you done well to remember this question ! The last time i answered you that by the way i skin the tabs it was not possible, but maybe the way i skined them recently (if you remember, for "Personas") permit me to make a compatibility with "TMP" now.

    I verified that was possible so I'm making it ;)
  • compatibility with Faviconize Tab is lost.
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    It is still compatible on mine. What's the problem you have ? (i reupload and you tell me)
  • Posted By: NeiimadOh, you done well to remember this question ! The last time i answered you that by the way i skin the tabs it was not possible, but maybe the way i skined them recently (if you remember, for "Personas") permit me to make a compatibility with "TMP" now.

    I verified that was possible so I'm making it ;)
    Okay thanks!
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