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    I tested with the GC add-on icon and i was not convinced : it's too much different than others so it looks like to be comparatively strange here.


    I was reshowing the url-bar icon in a latest version of the style but i finally remove it for many reasons :

    - GC hasn't it;

    - the favicon must signalize where you are but too many times repeated it "aggressively" attires the eye and i think that's a too big concentration of this same info in the toolbox : in the tab, in the urlbar, in the personal bookmark, and without counting the site logo/banner/header just down it, etc. (so thx all favicons but "i know where i am !! too much is too much ! move over ! )

    - it doesn't really serve if you can check page infos/security info/etc in tools menu or by right-clicking the page and then clicking "View Page Info" (about "Popup Cleaner", I set this item visible in tools menu).

    - you don't use it very often so it's not a big loss knowing the precedent point (accessible via tools menu). I avow to never use it :s

    So, I suppose it's more fast to use the urlbar favicon to check security info, but inconvenients > advantage let me the choice to hide it.


    About my precedent posts : i decided to not combine all menu buttons even if the idea seemed to be good :

    By default with my skin, you got single buttons (just nav buttons are combined) :
    b - b - b - b - b - bb - b - b - b - b - ...

    By combining menu buttons and nav buttons + reload, you got :
    bb - b - bb - bbb - b - b - b - ...

    That's a disorderly view of toolbar just to gain the place for one button more in reality.

    Finally i made at least a style to combine nav button :
    b - b - b - b - b - bbb - b - b - b - ...

    It seems to effectively attire your eye on them and because they are the main buttons to navigate that's a good thing.
  • Well, I don't mind. It's your style - your decisions. :)
  • I must say I like new throbbler and the way you changed customize toolbar (however hover effect would be nice addition). but there is a problem with my "Places" folder icon - it is thinner than regular icon and hover effect is broken. I can post image if you want.
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    I'm on an the point to make a hover effetc on items, but any strange things happen, the worst is i can't apply a background because it hide the separator / flexible space / space pictures. But i made a hover effect with borders colors.

    For your "Places", i well want a screenshot (of the two cases you quote) if you can, because i don't have this problem.
  • here are two pictures:

    The first "home" button is actually "Places" folder - its image is not centered inside the button.
    The second snapshot shows hover effect on "Places" folder - as you can see there is no right border (the image becomes "centered" in this new background though)
  • By the way, sometimes on some sites popup without url-bar shows up. And if I use "Hide Chrome" - there is no way (except for Alt+F4) to close that window... but probably this issue should be addressed to the author of "Hide Chrome" addon....
  • Oh, and about that CustomizeToolbar problem.
    To fix the problem - remove all the code that you wrote for it with my "Customize Toolbar - All in One" - and then start changing it to your preferences. It will work. At least, when I replaced part of your code with mine - I was able to change it to your "Chrome"-style. If you want - I can do it for you later.
  • Neiimad, the last review of your style says something about the screen jumping around, and I've seem it too: it occurs when you have bookmarks toolbar enabled.
    Maybe you should say in the description that all the buttons should be put in the menubar and to disable the other bars - as I think is the way you imagined it :)
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    Thx Xren for the screen shots ;)

    For Vista there's no problem, and i turn back to XP in 2 or 3 days and i'll fix that as possible.

    About the customize toolbar, i found what was wrong (a set "overflow" to fire) and it's okay now for a background.

    And for the popup problem, some of them disable the menubar and because "Hide Chrome" does not show the title bar you must use Alt+F4, yep. This is not relative to my style but is the only negative point of this extension :( I'm looking for a trick that always show the urlbar, but think it might be impossible (?).

    Tss, the problem is now fixed (toolbars height - max and min - had to be be setted), you can put your buttons everywhere you want ;)
  • Hm, I like new look inside Stylish Manager - Labels are on the right of icons. Maybe you should implement the same thing for Firefox Add-ons?
  • (in fact i just reshown the text)

    If i put the text to the right for all panels tabs it means that the tool panel will be set at the same time. But see it, and you'll see there isn't enough space to do that for it at least...
  • But there is a lot of space! Look:
    Image Hosted by
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    lol What does it serve to you to resize your add-on manager like that ? (mine is large with less than 1/2 of your screen shot)

    If the add-ons description is cut at first time (and i suppose that's why you keep your manager as large as that - to not be cut) it becomes multi-line and so complete when you click on it.

    I'll make a try but i'm not sure i will change that if it means i must resize the window like that :s

    By the way i don't success to put the text on the right...
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    Xren, i resolved the problem of hidden buttons in "Hide Chrome"d popups windows.

    But note that some popups don't show the toolbars, so it's normal if some of them are without those toolbars even if "Hide Chrome" buttons are shown.
  • Did you try -moz-box-orient: horizontal !important; ?
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    Yes, but trying to show elements in popup windows that hide them is complicated because they hide all elements as the same time, as you could do with toolbox * { display: none !important; } and you must show ALL elements and ALL sub elements one by one in the first hand (it's quite like to remade the entire interface). What are the problems a part to remake a big work ?

    - How to decide what elements must be shown or not ? for example, have i to show the personal bar ? (i don't use it but what about you ?)

    - How to show/hide any elements that have to be shown/hidden later ? for exemple you can show a menu button but because all toolbox elements are hidden its menupopup never open...

    I don't know if i well explain the problems...

    In fact i removed tabs and toolbars from all popups, but show the "Hide Chrome" buttons.

    Hm... Maybe i should show at least the nav buttons too...

  • :) no, I meant did you try -moz-box-orient: horizontal !important; to move text to the right in Add-ons?
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    Oh ^^'

    I'll see for that so.

    Done for the Page Info too.
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    Great! Thanks! By the way - hover effects for Addons and Page Info doesn't work. Is this ok?

    And... what about "Options..." menu? :)
  • There are too many tabs in the option panel to put the texts on the icons right without having a huge window :/

    By the way, about your "Places" home, i turn back to XP and mine has borders as in a Vista pc config...
  • Hm, here is a result of brand-new firefox profile + stylish + chrome skin + hover over "Places":
    Image Hosted by
    As you can see there is an issue with right side of the image for "Places" folder. It looks like the image should be 1px wider OR maybe it should be moved to the right by 1px.
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    On a new XP profil, i have the right border and not the right space (if the screen width at 100%) as on Vista.

    I don't know how to fix your problem :/ Is it on linux ?

    I'll see for a different way to style personal bookmarks bar.
  • I have this problem on Windows XP under brand-new Firefox profile. It is not Linux.
  • Ok, I tracked down the problem a little bit further (under brand-new Firefox profile):
    If "Places" folder is placed onto "Navigation Toolbar" - then it is absolutely fine - it has all borders, etc. ...
    But if/when I move it to "Menubar Toolbar" - right border disappears and hover effect is misplaced...
    So, there is a difference between button at Navigation Toolbar and button at Menubar Toolbar.
    I hope it helps...
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    On the menubar the border is applied to the bookmarks bar and on the other bars it is applied to bookmarks.

    The space is with #bookmarksBarContent... and i don't success to fire it :'(

    I finally set the bookmarks as individual buttons.
  • Well, right now "Places" button is fixed.
    But I didn't understand why you had to set bookmarks as individual buttons? Can't you just specify that "Places" button should have special border/margins ?
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    The bookmarks buttons had never been a problem (well sized as buttons) but the bookmarks bar yes :

    Even if i give it a good width it become reduced and bar right border is hidden when i resize the window (and if i set -x pixels to keep it ok, then it is not when maximized). I don't know what to do here (without the use of min and max width to keep possibility to put many bookmarks).

    So i decided to keep bookmarks as individual buttons to not have problem with a bar without border. It results the possibility to have only one button is safe and the space is less visible (just a pixel more next to your last bookmark that disappears when window is resized...).
  • But I believe you can use something like this:
    :not([label="Places"]) {margin:.......}
    [label="Places"] {margin:..........}

    Can't you?
  • The button-bookmark is well set (width and margins),
    look if you put many bookmarks and you'll see that margins are ok for all bookmarks,
    so sorry but your code doesn't rule the bar reduction problem.

    (note that if you put many bookmarks so your code make a undesirable space)
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    Hold on a second.... I don't understand.

    0. Right now everything works fine.
    1. Previously, you successfully managed to combine all bookmarks into one single set of bookmarks.
    2. The first bookmark had rounded left borders, whereas the last bookmark had rounded right borders.
    3. Margins for these regular bookmarks were adjusted.
    4. These margins influenced the "Places" bookmark folder.

    Couldn't you just specify :not([label="Places"]){...} so that everything inside brackets influences all bookmarks except "Places" folder?

    Could you please also post here part of your code that manages "bookmarks into buttons" transformation?
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