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    You're right. Colors are more lighted on my screen and i did not see that difference.
    I fixed that (and fired the search engine background too).

    But there isn't the border-right on your home button, is it normal ? (i have the 4 borders...)
    And your buttons are brown on your screen, is it a modification from you ? Or was it for the screenshot ? (mines are white/grey)
  • Well, about colors - I "improved" the image ( =changed colors) using IrfanView to make colors more distinct.

    About border - to make this screenshot I changed my resolution to 800x600. As you can see - there is a problem with right border. But under my regular screen resolution (1680x1050) the borders are just fine.
  • Okay, good new :) Thx
  • Hmm.... I have another computer where default resolution is 1280x800 and there IS a problem with right border.... hmmmmmm....
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    Wich have you tested on ? Linux ? I tested on XP and it was ok, i'm now on Vista and the border is ok for it now :s
  • I used WinXP...

    By the way - on the original screenshot for the Chrome Skin style you have collapse and close "buttons"on the right side of url-bar. How did you do it?
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    Ok for XP, maybe there is a difference between XP and Vista (there are others too), and i setted for Vista then, i can't verify now for XP...

    For the "Hide Chrome" buttons, in fact just place them as you do for other buttons (that the way i did : view > toolbars > customize, and place them)
  • I don't have these buttons in "customize" menu. Do you use some extension to enable them there?
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    My other extensions don't concern the chrome of FF (a part "Hide Chrome" so) and i just use my styles.

    These buttons are here to me.
  • Ok, I got it. These buttons appear after installation of "Hide Chrome" extension.
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    Oh yep, they are created by the "Hide Chrome" extension ;)
  • Why not combining them together (like back-forward button)? Can you do it?
    For example, if they all three are there - combine them. OR, when there are two of them. I think this will save some space.

    By the way, when you write description for your style, if you write style 12345 - it will give you the link to style with number 12345.
  • By "combining" I mean making margin-left and margin-right =0 for middle button and not rounding some corners
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    They look like back/forward button yet (middle button hasn't rounded corners and the two others are sticked to this one), the screenshot shows that.

    But i made them as you suggest in the second part :if you just put two buttons (by removing the first), the left radius border is to the second button ;)

    (thx for the "in description" trick)
  • Right now these buttons are not like that. Right now they are like this:
    Image Hosted by

    And if I change their order - nothing changes.
    All I suggest is "combining" them into one button - removing spaces to the left and to the right of middle button.
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    I don't really understand why you don't arrive to have them as you want because "Chrome Skin plus Hide Chrome" does that since yesterday and the style i use is the same online (i even took a screenshot i put in the style page).

    (order is good, you can remove the first if you want to see what you wanted with your suggestion)
  • Ops, sorry - "Hide Chrome" was disabled.
    But middle button (collapse button) has rounded left corners (top and bottom):
    Image Hosted by
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    Ok good new again ;)

    (border-radius fixed (i forgot a detail))
  • I confirm that now it is fixed! :) nice
  • I've noticed one thing: right now popup-windows (which recently were made transparent) can not be moved.
    But it turns out that sometimes you have to move it. For example: chat window in gmail - if you "pop-up" it - it is impossible to move it.
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    In fact the dialogs don't move with this script because they are not still in a window...

    Finally i think i'll fire it of my style..?
  • Yes, I think it is better to have possibility to move any window.
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    That's what I think too, keeping the more usable interface, so "back up" ;)
  • Ok. this one is set.
    Take a look at following screenshot (I changed the colors and resized it to make "the problem" more visible):
    Image Hosted by
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    What eye you get ?! ;)

    (It means I have forgotten to add transparency to the pix) Corrected.
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  • I've read your previous post - I just had to think about it. So, you decided not to combine buttons?
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    Oh, well, in fact remake the main menu buttons was a little "too much" because all buttons are "single",
    So i simply created a style to compact/combine just the nav buttons (adapted to "Chrome Skin") ;)
  • Anyway, here is what I think:
    1. it is good to have site icon on the left side of url-bar. (some security check can be done with it)
    2. Combing buttons should be optional and, therefore, should be implemented as a separate styles.
    3. Combining File-Edit-View menus is nice idea. As well as History and Bookmarks.
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    Google Chrome has it's own icon for "Addons" I've uploaded it here
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