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  • Heh, yeah that's what I meant, and I don't think you can make Chrome-like tabs without an image.
  • A question to Neiimad: Why not making same Chrome-looking tabs for Stylish Manager? :)
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    Ok, I have some work for Neiimad to do :))))
    1. When updating addons and styles - change the progress bar accordingly (the same progress bar when the page is loading).
    2. "Popups Cleaner" style removes checkmarks from Stylish Manager:
    Before After
    Before 'Popups Cleaner' After 'Popups Cleaner'
    3. Maybe different color for hover effect on menus (it is too dark-blue right now)? OR you could change the hovered item's text color to white or something.
    4. There is still a problem with "New tab button" when you hover mouse over it: Image Hosted by
    5. Chrome-like buttons inside "Addons" Menu? Chrome-like buttons inside Stylish Manager? I think they would look nice there.
    6. Sometimes I miss "File" menu (when I need to print something or save a page).... We have to think about it as well...
    7. Sometimes I miss "View" menu - when the character encoding on the page is wrong...

    Hmmm.... maybe something else.... I'll post my thoughts as I progress :)

    8. There is a problem with Active Faviconized Tab. If FavIconized tab is not active it's fine though.
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    OOOOOUUPS my RSS reader didn't check your messages -___-

    @Xren :

    - I'm according to you about the space between buttons : i think it's too much compact... I setted back the margins.
    - Your request is very welcome for the checked menu items ! I've set the left-icon visible for them (for stylish of course and for toolbar contextmenu and for selected dictionary too).
    - And the "new tab button" i thought i had solved is remade.
    - progressbars are all the same now.

    - For the active "faviconized" tab, you didn't describe the problem you have (?).
    - For the style you checked last time, i forget the idea to make a compability with it because if the idea is good it's really bugging.
    - For the stylish tabs, that's right it could be more nice if more "Chromified", but buttons aren't to the same sizes and it would mean to create too many images (for addons, stylish, foxmarks, etc etc) and to make a style too "long" to just load a little plus, that's why I've done a very simple Chrome appearance.

    - For your missing buttons, there is a right-click menu item (when on the page) to save it and then you can add the print button on the menubar (you even gain place doing like this), but that's right that doesn't solve the hidden menu to access the encoding menu item you need... But because in the real Chrome browser it is not present (is it ?), i think i'll keep the button hidden, but you finally can create an add to show the menu buttons you want. ;)

    @Qwertz :

    - It's up to you to create your own but keep the method to make an add for "Chrome Skin".

    > an orange skin - unbuntu like (,
    > a pink skin (,
    > a grey/black (

    In fact you just have to change the images (and few colors) from one of my last skins/adds, and to precise your(s) to be added with "Chrome Skin" ;)

    - For the tab and the close button, this is exact it's impossible to do without images : I was obliged to use 2 images at least for each tab and one MUST be the close button background to make the right of the tab (so it's impossible to disable the close button, even for faviconized tab).
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    Hello everybody....
    So, about FaviconizeTab problem - I'm investigating this but I DO have this problem at one computer and don't - at another. Probably there is a problem with my firefox profile since this problem appears without any other extension/style enabled.
    FaviconizeTab problem on my computer Please also note a light line near "Add New Tab" button... This one I have almost everytime....

    Another fun thing:
    What happens if you reduce size of Firefox window to minimum Here I reduced the size of Firefox window to minimum and .... take a look at "Places" bookmark-button.

    And another thing, Neiimad: If you want to say that something applies to all buttons on toolbar, you don't say "any button fixes..." but "Fixes for all buttons..."

    Other than that - keep the excellent work! :)
  • Still thx for those reports Xren !

    It's quite difficult to solve the problem about tab close button you encounter because to encounter it too i have to set this like this :

    /* --- <Faviconize Tab> extension support --- */ .tabbrowser-tabs tab[faviconized="true"] { min-width: 70px !important; max-width: 70px !important; }

    It works for me when setted at 68px... Please, find the size it's good for you, and i'll try to fix this for everybody ;)

    (didn't have i solved it another time ? (i don't remember to have made changes about them after the first change for you))

    For the personalbar resize and "places" bookmark-button, i'll check that ;)
  • I've solved the Places issue in the original style with

    {display: block !important;}

    It works with your style, but messes with the button height.
  • Ok, I created a brand-new profile under my Firefox and there is no any problem with FaviconizeTab addon.... So, this issue is set. However this brand-new profile has another issue with "Places" bookmark folder.

    By the way, did you know that right now there is no "New Tab on the right" addon??? It was removed from :(
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    Tss, I was near of you in codding and you did it :)
    I set the margins (not height in fact) and have uploaded.

    Xren, I almost was sure that you had a problem with your profil, and if it's ok now, it's good !
    About the home button, it's ok now.

    That's a bad new about "new tab button on tab right"... I'll keep compability for those whose have it. But there will be a "tab closed" button in FF 3.1 ;)
    For the moment, there is another extension but that's not the same thing : (Edit : I made my style compatible with it).
  • problem with the “personal menu” addon,the personal history menu doesn't work now,there was no problem yesterday
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    The problem is that "Personal Menu" uses the ID of main-menu buttons to its related menu items... So because i hide this main-menu button by its ID, it is hidden in "PM" too.

    Edit : It's ok. I updated the style.
  • Hey Neiimad, maybe you could un-hide the "File" OR "View" menu and use for it an image previously used for "History" menu?
    It is just that sometimes I really need to change the layout and to do that I have to switch style off and on - not very convenient.
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    All main menu buttons are now showed and skined.
  • Thanks a lot, Neiimad!!!!!!! Now it's really cool and convenient!!!

    PS. By "layout" in my previous message I meant "character encoding" of course :)))
  • Is it possible to make this style compatible with Tab mix plus? thanks.
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    I'll see to make it compatible with "TMP".
  • Alright thanks! one suggestion: It'll be cool like if you mouse over to the tab it'll become white.
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    For your 2nd suggestion,
    There isn't enough space in this allocated to the style : Number of characteres are limited on So i can't add more base64 code (images).
  • Ahh okay thanks can't you make a sub-style though?
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    A "sub-style" may be possible.

    About "TMP", there's no way for a compability with my single style :

    - If i'm not mistaken, tabs are not named especially by "TMP", so i can't apply something to "TMP" tabs only, it means to create a second style at least.
    - For the case of a second style ("Chrome Skin - TMP", for example), i saw this extension bring too many changes to the tabs entering in conflict with my default skin (double close button, first tab strangely left margined etc)...
  • I found a problem: it is with "Print Preview".... I guess you will see it yourself (Firefox's Print toolbar is missing => it is impossible to leave that "Print Preview" page => you have to Ctrl+Alt+Del Firefox)
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    Ow, that's not a little problem :D

    I haven't got a printer on my pc so i can't see that unfortunately but i'll install a virtual printer and came back after to check that.

    Okay, i verified it. I'm on it.

    Ah, If you remember the problem with fullscreen mode, i solved it setting the tab bar always visible, but it is incompatible with the print page because it covers the print bar ;)

    Okay, the fix is updated.
  • Thanks for the fix! :)
  • Under linux following change should be made:

    /* add for stylish */

    #stylish-panel {
    margin-left: 0px !important;

    Otherwise, stylish icon has 3px of white space on its left.
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    It lets me thinking about a status bar relooking...

    All right, it's done. I set the statusbar panels looking like menubar buttons/etc. It's a little more tall than before but much nice and much coherent :)
  • As I wrote on style's page - the last update is awesome! Great look for the status bar! Thank a lot!
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    If you weren't here for your report, i may not have thought about this change, so thanks to you too :)
  • Why not changing dialog boxes? Here is a style that does that:
    I believe if you change dialog to somewhat Chrome-like it would be nice.
    What do you think?
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    :| I discovered this style today !
    And I'm according about it could be good to integrate it, and i'll see that.

    It's in.
  • Another thing that doesn't let me sleep is white space to the left of search-bar's icon. I believe this is margin-related problem as well. Here is "improved" image to help you see the problem.

    Image Hosted by
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