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What's wrong with the site? Most of the times I try to update or donwload a style, I face this message "Application error (Apache)

Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html"

It's quite annoying...


  • It seems to be the norm lately, and yes, it is quite annoying.
  • Is there a way to upload styles on a personal web space using the same script they have on so everybody can install the styles I make?
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    I have also noticed that has not updated style install counts in days. What I have done was to create a web page using Google Sites ( or other free of charge web page sponsors (i.e. to post styles then use the Add File to Stylish menu command to download. Able to post large css files or even xpi files. Look here and click on TestGmailCSS then TestGmail.css and use "Add File to Stylish..." in your Stylish popup menu. After the window populates with the script, give it a descriptive name and save. If nothing else, it will provide a good file back-up/storage.
  • It spazzed out a few days ago because it was out of disk space. I don't know what the problem is right now.
  • Ah, cron wasn't running so the automatic process to clear things up, start the server if it stops, and update the install counts wasn't running.

    The counts should still have been recorded, so check it out now.
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    It seems that the installs per week reset but the totals appear to remain unchanged. Example got a review yesterday but installs per week read zero and don't believe the total changed. Same with Thanks for looking into it Jason.
  • Thank you srazzano :)
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