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Have you ever written a long style with stylish and can't find a certain code? I think stylish desperately needs a search bar like the one in FFox.


  • Would anyone like to add to this?
  • link
    see the readme first
  • Well i'm not sure what the readme is suppose to answer Choggi dude...

    I think frog is asking for a search within the style window, ie. when you're writing code, a search within the you'd have with say, Notepad 2 or Dreamweaver.

    I'd like this as a feature to...
  • edit-Mikado.xul adds a searchbox to the edit dialog is what i meant
  • Nvm, i see, i didn't realise there was more then 1 readme in the 7z file.

    How come this hasn't been implemented if it works, as i assume you're using those modified files.
  • i think the idea is to use It's All Text! when you want a pretty editor

    (yes i use the modified files and copy/paste if i want to edit elsewhere)
  • I tried the It's All Text..... couldn't quite figure what to do....... it said right click where you want to use an editor....

    Couldn't do that anywhere in the Stylish window (or at least right clicking gave no option for IAT when in the stylish window) so was not of any use as i'm always coding in Stylish clicking Preview as i go, rather then copy, paste, copy, paste... and so on...
  • you need to pick an editor to use with it (tools>addons>extensions>its all text) then a button should show up in the stylish edit dialog
  • Last time I checked (in my dev version), It's All Text was busted when used with Stylish. I've contacted the author, but no reply yet.
  • Think i'll give it a try again then, i have Dreamweaver installed so it's a shame not to use it with Stylish... (copy and paste too tiresome)
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