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Anchor Gmail Action Bar?

edited August 2010 in Style Requests
Hi -

Do you think it's possible to anchor the Gmail action bar? I think that's what it's called - it's just below the header ("archive"/"report spam"/"delete", etc through to the right-hand side of the bar ending with "older"/"oldest") so that when I scroll down the Inbox, the bar stays rooted where it is?

It would be helpful to keep the bar in sight to easily delete or move messages that are further down the inbox.

Thanks for any help you may give.



  • Please don't start a new duplicate thread every 5 hrs. This is not a chat, if somebody knows and willing to help, they will when they have time. Posting the same thing every 5 hrs. will not change that.
  • My apologies, Makondo. I thought I had posted the original one in the wrong area - not in "requests".

    I had no intention of being repetitive.

  • edited August 2010
    Ah, it doesn't seem to matter much here. Personally, i almost never look at category, i have All Discussions view (and block Styles posted as i can't care less about that one). So, your post(-s) popped twice one under another. Thought you might be some impatient kid, sorry. It's unfortunate that we can't delete our own posts here.
    As for your request, i have a couple of styles for Gmail but never tried moving much there. It's such a PITA to style that i don't really want to touch anything ;-) Sorry, i can't help you there (but i think it might be not possible with Stylish. Maybe a greasemonkey script? I might be wrong, of course and somebody will correct me then).
    Good Luck!
  • edited August 2010
    this'll probably break after gmail updates (fairly frequently), but till then
    @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain(""){ div.nH>.A1.D.E>.nH>.nH.Cq{position:fixed!important;z-index:9!important} }(added the z-index to keep it above the other stuff)
    you can add a top:5px!important or right/bottom/left if you want it in a different place

    i also removed your old thread. i think you can edit your post and change the category though (for next time)
  • Makondo and ChoGGi -

    Many thanks to you both. I actually did look for a way to delete my first post, but didn't see anything. Must have missed it...

    The Style does the trick. The buttons themselves now don't move while I'm scrolling down, allowing for editing of messages lower down the list.

    I guess I wasn't specific enough, though. I had been hoping that the bar itself would remain frozen (entire length and width of the Action-bar rectangle including background), not just the buttons within it. It looks a little funny, but definitely works. :)

    Thanks again,


    PS - I'm looking for tutorials on starting to write simple styles myself. Know of any good places to start?
  • .diLZtc>.nH>.nH>.nH>.nH>.nH>.A1.D.E{position:fixed!important;z-index:9!important}
  • Thanks, ChoGGi. The rectangular bar now remains frozen. And thanks for the link suggestion.

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