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body, #footer, #nhdrwrap, #box, #il_m, {
background-color: #151515 !important;
color: #FFF !important;}


body, #footer, #nhdrwrap, #box, #il_m, .wmfnCSS, .whapbCSS, .hcabCSS-head,.wpcrbCSS, p.wsvinviteCSS, .box-inner, .results td, .results th, .isf, .at, .bub-bottom {
background-color: #151515 !important;
color: #FFF !important;}

Can make project pages and look alot better, you will still need to replace the image in the top left of the forum's main page however.
I'm sure you could do better, but it is better than having white splotches everywhere

example links:


  • I'll see what I can do ;)
  • Thanks, looks alot better than my fix.
    But there are white bars on the topics themselves, and the code download/wiki/issues section's tables do have white backgrounds.
    When you can, just see what you can do.
    and thanks for the best dark theme out there!
  • I think it should be fine now :)
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