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Great script, thanks! This makes simplenote the first Firefox-based notetaker that actually works for me! Compares to from MIT.

The Simplenote web site, API, (and iPhone app) just got a major update that incorporates tagging. As a result, the web page view (even the index.html?sidebar) now has a 2-column presentation. This is very useful, but your script now doesn't resize this properly, and I have to drag out the sidebar to fill half my screen in order to see these two columns.

this may be more a problem on the web server than in your script, since the server should really have an option to collapse the second column after selecting a note. But perhaps there is a change to the script you can make?

Again, thanks for putting this together!
Rob Grace


  • Apologies. I had been using the Simplenote restyled script, not this one. And as of today the new 2-column web view of Simplenote (index.html?sidebar) appears to be working correctly in the Firefox sidebar.

    For reference.
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    Thanks rmg2768 for your comment.

    Unfortunately I haven't updated this userstyle for many months. And I have put this into "Deleted" stage because of this.

    But now I have seen that people are downloading this and it's getting popular (right now, my most popular userstyle), so I maybe gonna update this and totally recode this userstyle.

    I'm very thankful that you like this and I maybe gonna check what I can do.

    But I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be easy because another new design :/

    EDIT: Sorry, but finally quit on this. Also I have kinda lost interest on userstyling, I'm really sorry.
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