LOL - It was already on User Styles :-p

About: Add-on Manager Redesigned (Large List) [Firefox 4] Good rating
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Thanks for creating a Custom Style — and the sidebar looks better than the menu (on Win).

Do you think you could reduce the min-width (~200px) and horizontal margins (~100px)? I found that I only can see all the content when I have Fx maximized, and since there are no scroll bars it's a bit difficult. Also, could you create a mod with the sidebar? — And do you mind if I keep the "parted copy" until the mod is done?


  • Derivative works usually encouraged unless otherwise noted by the author. I personally use other people's code as reference, building with it to improve upon their work, but I try to always ask first.

    Anyway, I like the version with the side menu/tab things, but I can wait until everyone's done coding / sorting it out to install it.
  • I thought we invited others to take and do what they wanted with our styles (on this site), but I've gotten no response from LHOOQ regarding my style and makondo's post made me think that some people may dislike this.
    I'll mark my copies as "Mods" and add a link to the original style at the beginning – that should be enough.

    As for waiting for completing the style, I think LHOOQ already finished(?). I, on the other hand, will hardly reach a point I would call "done" :)
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