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Adblock Plus Bug Icon

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I've used this code in my userChrome.css file since the icons were first switched. But lately the icon is just a blank space when you disable Adblock Plus. The normal icon with the red around the cockroach still shows correctly though. I've scoured the net for other code changes, but haven't found anything that works, short of creating my own icons.

Is anyone else having this issue? It's happening on Firefox 2.0.20 and 3.0.5.

Edit: sorry, I clicked on responding to an existing article, then logged in, and assumed I'd be back where I was. I'm referring to the Adblock Plus cockroach icon and the code found here:


  • Same issue here =( Did you find any clue?
  • Nothing yet, so I posted the other day at the forums when I stumbled on a long thread for Adblock Plus and got a response:

    Posted by Wladimir Palant, 05 Feb 2009 01:06 am
    Right, that code needs adjusting - Adblock Plus 1.0 uses only one image to display the status rather than four of them. Will try to do that occasionally.
  • Just loaded the style, have the same problem on my install, i'll have a fiddle later and see if there's anything that can be done to get it working.
  • edited February 2009
    Yep, found the line with the issue...


    Change this for...


    Not sure if that's 100% fixed, but it works here....

    You don't need the "list-style-image:none!important; " bit, but i added it incase the list-style part is needed for something....

    Let me know if that fixes the problem for you guys....

    EDIT:: Forget the above guys, just add this instead... Which will fix both the toolbar and statusbar icons...

    #abp-toolbarbutton,#abp-status[deactivated] image { -moz-image-region: auto !important; }

    Someone actually posted the fix in the style's comments, though he missed the statusbar icon, so i've added in the line posted.
  • I can't get the above to work. It just does the same behavior where the red icon shows correctly, if disable it's blank. Is there a link to the style's comment post you referred you?
  • edited February 2009
    Link in your opening post.... the comment is on the style page (scroll down)...

    Try turning off your other styles, and if possible test from another PC to rule out a PC specific issue....

    I can't replicate the problem here....

    The above fixes the issue for me... not that i particularly want the style, i just wanted to be helpful.... ;-)
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