Cusotm UI changed in 4.0b4 from 4.0b3, how to change back?

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So, I was over at the forums, and they suggested I come here.

When the FireFox 4.0 beta came out, I noticed it had a slimmer UI. I also came across a guide for slimming the UI on FireFox 3.6.8. I decided to throw them together, along with a couple other changes, to bring my UI to a single.
It worked for 4.0b1 - 4.0b3. However, it doesn't work for 4.0b4.
Now, have forgotten exactly what I have done, and I lost the sites that gave me the info on how I did it in the first place. Can anyone help me bring back my super sexy slimmed FireFox?
Also, would there be any suggestions for locking the the tabs to take a maximum of ~50% of the UI? I have a 2048 pixel wide monitor, but when I start to get more than 5 tabs when using half width (two web pages side by side generally), or more than 15 when in full width, I lose most of my address bar.
Common, you know you like this. :D

I did a few other changes, but the contents of my userChrome.css are (as a side note, my userChrome.css is e=unchanged in 4.0b3 and 4.0b4):

#appmenu-button-container {
position: fixed !important;
#appmenu-button {
padding: 3px 18px 3px 18px !important;
margin-top:3px !important;
background-color: rgba(54, 121, 166, 0.2) !important;
#navigator-toolbox[tabsontop="true"] #TabsToolbar {
padding-left: 95px !important;
#navigator-toolbox[tabsontop="true"] #TabsToolbar {
padding-left: 105px !important;
padding-top:1px !important;
padding-right:98px !important;


  • That code seems to work for me with today's nightly, as well as FF4b3.

    For the tabs width problem, you can use something like
    #urlbar {min-width: 1000px !important;} Change the value to your taste. That way the adressbar won't be smaller than the size you specify.
  • Latest nightly worked, yay!
    And thank you very much for that extra little bit.
    My UI bar is now perfect.
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