BUTTONS - Glossy Black (input) - working on YouTube.

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BUTTONS - Glossy Black (input)

I have updated to the latest version.
It still works on YouTube even though you say "Will not affect youtube". I don't mind that.
What I would like is to be able to see which page I'm on when looking at other video page numbers or comment page numbers.
Example - YouTube with Buttons Glossy Black = OFF

Example - YouTube with Buttons Glossy Black = ON
I can't see which page I'm on?
Can the page I'm on be highlighted somehow ?....................................................

Also which is the exact code lines that changes the black button to different color?

What's up with the stupid Userstyle.org Forum when trying to format a reply?
When using BBCode then "Preview Post" everything is in order.
(I don't know how to use BBCode btw, only cut and paste to change little things in the userstyles.)
When you post your discussion everything is messed up.
I had to choose BBcode so I could get my example images to display.
This site needs a FAQ page on how to format a discussion including adding images etc.
Other Forums have easier & better formatting tools.
I am just a user of userstyles not a maker of them = too complicated for me.
I do like making my Firefox look good though, that's why I'm here.


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  • Hi O()O
    Thankyou for your good rating !

    I updated the style to make the Selected Current page number more noticeable.
    To change the color of the Selected Current page number from white to another color:
    In the code section under this line:
    Just change
    color: white !important;
    to another color of your choice.

    You can change the text color inside the buttons to any color. Where there is color:#ccc
    just change the #ccc to another color. Where there is color:#777777 then changing that color will change the text color when clicking the button.
    The buttons are colored by an image inserted and so the background color can not be changed right now.
    I may in the future change the code so the buttons can change the background color to any color.

    If you want to have no changes to any of the buttons on youtube then:






    button:not(.master-sprite):not([anonid="twisty"]):active /* save,cancel */


    button:not(.master-sprite):not([anonid="twisty"]):not(.yt-uix-button):active /* save,cancel */


    @-moz-document domain("youtube.com") {
    { -moz-appearance:none !important; }

    border:none!important; }


    @-moz-document domain("youtube.com") {

    { -moz-appearance:none !important; }
    border:none!important; }

    {border:1px solid #777!important;
    -moz-box-shadow: #555 0px 0px 3px !important;}
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I noticed straight away that your text did not match what was in my BUTTONS - Glossy Black (input) userstyle,
    even though I clicked to update it today from your userstyle page.
    Only when it did not work I came here to ask questions.

    I have just learnt today that if you click to update a userstyle on a userstyle.org page,
    but in your Firefox options > Advanced > Update > Installed Add-ons, you have updating Add-ons turned off,
    then the wish to override any Firefox settings by clicking to update will get you NO update!
    After finding this out, I properly updated your userstyle by temporary turning on Firefox Add-on updates.
    I now see clearly which YouTube page number I am on = white bold number.
    I will change the page-I'm-on color anyway.
    Thanks for the info to do it.
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