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I finally got the glass feature to work! Here is what I did. I hope it helps.

1. Install the 4 styles from Yup Yup found here (
2. Remove the current Firefox theme that you have. You might have to uninstall it for it to work.
3. Go to Firefox Option (found under tools) and change the background color to black and ALL text colors to white (including visited and unvisited sites).
4. make to not select the "all sites to choose their own colors" or else the glass won`t work.
5. Restart Firefox.

Thank you Yup Yup for a truly beautiful style.


  • You can make the glass style quite modern with a theme such as

    Just add it after steps 1 through 4 and you will have the glass window with a modern tabs, scroll bar, etc. Quite nice!
  • Be careful when playing with the themes. You might end up with some weird color problems.
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    setting every background to black, and every text to white just works if the page is well made. There are a bunch of sites who still have pink background and red text (worst example). I made a style for that:
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